Lord Lugard old residence Lokoja

Kogi State – "Confluence State"

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Located in north-central geopolitical zone (also called middle-belt region) of Nigeria, Kogi State was created out of the former Kwara and Benue States in 1991 covering the area of the former Kabba Province.

Over-head bridge on Oyo State secretariat road, Ibadan

Oyo State – "The Pacesetter State"

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Located in the south-west geopolitical zone of Nigeria, Oyo State was one of the three states carved out of the former Western state of Nigeria in 1976.

Durbar Festival is popular in Kaduna

Kaduna State – "The Liberal State"

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Kaduna State tourist information: Best of Kaduna State hotels, attractions, maps, photos, weather, travel info, tips and learn the history

Sokoto Sahara Desert

Sokoto State – "Seat Of The Caliphate"

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Sokoto State in its present form was created in 1996 when Zamfara State was created by late General Sani Abacha.

Akwa Ibom State arts

Akwa Ibom State – "Land Of Promise"

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Akwa Ibom State belongs to one of the oil producing states of the Niger Delta and it has a population of 3,920,208 and a land area of 6,900 sq Km.