12 year old Nigerian develops App to help lost children

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It has not been the best of times in Nigeria considering the current financial atmosphere yet once in a while a story will fly up and lift the spirits of the nation. Tomisin Ogunnubi from Lagos has given such a story to her country in Africa.

The 12-year-old young lady from Lagos has built up an application to take care of an issue which she had seen in her group. Tomisin completed the advancement of her Android portable following application, My Location, only fourteen days back.

The inspiration driving the application was to help lost kids discover their way back home.

How it was produced:

Tomision built up her application under the guidance of an Information and Communications Technology organisation, between her school, Vivian Fowler Memorial College for Girls, and New Horizons Computer Learning Center. Here, Tomision could take in the essential aptitudes and information expected to build up her application.

How it functions:

The “current location”, setting on the application empowers the youngster to see precisely where they are and additionally highlighting the neighbouring boulevards around them. The other principle usefulness of the application will permit the youngster to spare an area, for example, their home or school and it will guide them to their sought area.

The My Locator App additionally highlights a catch, which when squeezed will alarm the Lagos State Emergency Services. The application will call the administrations and demonstrate the tyke’s area with the goal that they can benefit from outside intervention.

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