Princess Banke Ademola

Princess Banke Ademola

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Love is an essential tool in raising families. Parents in our time do not just go about their official businesses; they create enough time to monitor the children morally and academically.

These were the words of Princess Banke Ademola, the youngest daughter of Sir Ladapo Ademola, the Late Alake of Egbaland. This lady of the Tube has being in Broadcasting for 42 years. She was privileged to have met the Queen of England twice at age 10 and 12 with warm handshakes for it, yet so humble and very cerebral.

Princess Ademola currently manages the Ogun State government owned Gateway Radio. She said “I grew up in Abeokuta, Osogbo and later Lagos before travelling abroad for schooling. In Nigeria, my parents inculcated high moral standard in us. One was trained to manage resources judiciously. Our monthly pocket money must go the distance. It is either feast now and fast later. There is no room for extra request.

Our parents did not spare the rod either as stealing attracts public whipping and disgrace. You dare not try it. Leaving Nigeria for school abroad was not difficult as I was previously living in Lagos with my uncle. I was enrolled in a Methodist school where they teach us strict morals and independence and was staying with Reverend Jackson’s’ family an Anglican Vicar with two daughters, one my age.

They never made me feel odd as the colour of my skin made no difference”. At Christmas they give me same gift as their kids. I later went to Kent College, Tunbridge and later Royal Academy of Music, London. I came back to Nigeria in 1969 to join Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) as a Producer and rose through the ranks in a hard way.

I was promoted Senior Manager, Head of Culture Department, Head of Music, Voice of Nigeria, Principal Producer, Controller-Music, Manager Programmes, Deputy Director-Training and Manpower etc. I remember a crisis in Ibadan FRCN leading to the Radio being closed down for 3 months.

The Director General Mr Eddie Iroh inspired me to go there, settle the disputes and restore the honour of the Station. I was determined to make the difference on arrival at Ibadan and by Gods grace the objectives were met. I was promoted and highly commended.

The Stations further grew from 2 to 7 including Progress FM Ado Ekiti, Gold FM, Ilesha, and Akure among others. As a broadcaster, you are engrossed in your job 24 hours. I was about to retire from FRCN when Ogun State Governor, Gbenga Daniel challenged me to come home and help reposition the ailing State owned Radio Station. I had another option of going to Muson Centre where I was a foundation member and Director of Music.

Describing herself, Princess Ademola said, “ I am a tough person. I don’t brood over nonsense though compassionate but what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. I do not tolerate telling of lies and corruption.

We were properly brought up and we are very proud of the heritage. The veteran broadcaster opined that the most important value to inculcate in the kids is the Fear of God. This must also reflect in the parents’ life and activities. Parents should avoid sending wrong signals through ostentatious life styles and inordinate ambition.

Children of nowadays ask for everything including those they do not need and parents provide them. Hardwork is no longer attractive. Things should change as Nigeria has come of age.

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