My Nigeria showcases friends of Nigeria who have either been to the country or have an interest in Nigeria. It is an avenue for them to tell the world their thoughts about Nigeria and her people.

The latest my Nigeria features Matt Duncan in the current edition of Come To Nigeria magazine. Enjoy!

My Nigeria with Matt Duncan

CTN: Please introduce yourself to our readers

Matt Duncan:

Well, let me begin by saying how honoured I am to be featured in your magazine. I first came to Nigeria in 2006, and now the future of Nigeria is my life’s mission. I was not born in Nigeria, but I consider her my adopted home.

I live in New York City in the United States, but in Nigeria my base is in the Remo North Local Government Area of Ogun State in the lovely town of Ipara Remo. I founded an organisation there called the Nigeria Educational Development Foundation. My primary aim is to provide free teaching materials to public school teachers in the local area.

CTN: What do you think about Nigeria and would you advise anyone to visit?

Matt Duncan:

The people of Nigeria are some of the most welcoming you could ever meet. The kindness and hospitality that is shown to guests is so overwhelming.

There are many different languages and groups in Nigeria but the one thing they all seem to have in common is a commitment to make visitors feel welcome.

I would highly advise anyone to visit Nigeria because there are so many different things that a person can only see on a trip to Nigeria. The beaches, rivers, natural wonders, food, and culture all make Nigeria a truly beautiful place to visit.

CTN: What do you think about CometoNigeria magazine and the website?

Matt Duncan: and the magazine are one of the largest contributions to the future
of tourism and economic growth in Nigeria that I have seen in years. The international media does not always show an accurate portrayal of things and places it does not fully understand.

But the success of CometoNigeria magazine, and its website, and Facebook group have flooded the media with accurate portrayals of Nigeria as not only a safe place, but a vacation destination full of hot spots to enjoy life. I have very high expectations for CometoNigeria, and I am grateful for your efforts!

CTN: Is Nigeria ready for tourism?

Matt Duncan:

Absolutely. The question is not if Nigeria is ready for tourism. Nigeria has always been able to receive and host tourists.

The question is how can we show the international community that Nigeria is a wonderful place to visit. I am happy that CometoNigeria has done so much to promote Nigeria as a tourist spot.

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