My Nigeria showcases friends of Nigeria who have either been to the country or have an interest in Nigeria. It is an avenue for them to tell the world their thoughts about Nigeria and her people.

The Ninth Edition of my Nigeria features Mr Carlton H. Tilley. Enjoy!

My Nigeria with Carlton H. Tilley

CTN: Please introduce yourself to our readers

Mr Carlton H. Tilley:

My name is Carlton H. Tilley. I owns Dynamedics Global LLC in Newark, NJ. We export medical supplies, medical equipment, cosmetics, and electronics to Africa. I am also a teacher with the New York City Department of Education and a consultant.

CTN: When did you first learn about and the magazine?

Mr Carlton H. Tilley:

I first learned of through Oladimeji Adisa who I met through KLM Club Africa the airline-based websitewith the focus on African business development.

Corresponding with him several times, Oladimeji told me that he was thinking about starting a magazine to primarily combat all the negativity about his home country of Nigeria.

Previously we had lengthy discussions about how the western press continues to show the African continent in a negative manner and his main mission is to dispel those negative images.

CTN: What do you think about CometoNigeria magazine and the website?

Mr Carlton H. Tilley:

CometoNigeria print magazine and online? Both mediums are very well put together and show many of the positive aspects of Nigeria however, for me the magazine is the preferred choice.

For a new project the magazine is well put together and excellently formatted. It shows Nigeria as the Nigerians see the country and not as the anti-Nigerian propagandists always show it. I read several African news magazines that provide insight into the business aspects of Africa, however, the Come to Nigeria magazine reflects the daily living and travel aspects of Nigeria.

My thoughts now are to visit Nigeria at my earliest convenience, and being an African-American even more so. I think Nigeria has received a “bad rap” and that image must be dispelled. Hopefully with the efforts of Oladimeji and like-minded others Nigeria can be a shining example of commerce and tourism on the African continent.

CTN: What do you think about Nigeria?

Mr Carlton H. Tilley:

Yes, Nigeria is indeed ready for tourism. If not now, then when? As with any country in the world today of course there are economic and social problems, but that is no obstacle to visiting any country.

We, as world travellers, must not buy into the negative hype about certain countries or areas of the world. Also, with the vast amount of research resources available it is incumbent upon a traveller or any ordinary citizen to find out as must as possible about where they want to go.

Read more of Carlton H. Tilley’s interview inside 2nd edition of CometoNigeria Magazine

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