Rice “Contaminated, Not Plastic” says NAFDAC

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The National Agency for Food and Drugs (NAFDAC) has cleared the confusion over the matter of plastic rice. Lab tests on a committal of rice seized by Nigerian customs authorities demonstrate that the item is “sullied” however not plastic. NAFDAC have removed the doubt saying that the rice was contaminated and not plastic in nature.

A senior officer of NAFDAC also added that the rice contained bacteria “above permittable limits”.

Traditions authorities’ claims that the rice seized in Lagos a week ago was “plastic” started perplexity and authority disavowals.

However, the health minister interceded, saying there was “no proof” for the cases. It just created a sense of confusion without any base.

NAFDAC said in a statement that analysis on the sample of the rice demonstrated that it was “intolerable for human utilisation”, surpassing as far as possible for microscopic organisms including “Coli shape”.

The Nigerian customs officials, talking at a similar press conference session, said that it had followed up on “sound knowledge” that “substantial transfers of plasticized rice were to be delivered from the Far East to Africa”.

Notwithstanding the result of the lab tests, knowledge still demonstrated that “few metric huge amounts of terminated and risky rice are as yet lying in hold up at distribution centres in neighbouring nations”, with the Nigerian market a definitive goal, traditions boss Ibrahim Ali told media.

Rice is Nigeria’s staple nourishment and it is a convention for individuals to give packages of rice as a present amid the Christmas-New Year time frame.

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