Nigeria Military Intervention Success on Tackling the Security Problems

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For a long time now Nigeria has been confronting a plenty of security difficulties. This incorporates the Niger Delta activists who occupied with disturbing oil investigation by abducting oil labourers in the Niger Delta district of Nigeria. Their grievance was that the area that creates the abundance of the country was dismissed as far as improvement. They needed a superior arrangement. The contention circumstance enhanced with the presentation of Amnesty by the Yar’Adua organization. Another security test was postured by the Boko Haram insurrection. Boko Haram raised its appalling head in full drive in 2011. The insurrection moved in the North East geopolitical zone of Nigeria, basically in Borno, Yobe, and Adamawa States. Plundering, hijacking, consuming, murdering, and so on was their business as usual. It deteriorated when they lifted their banner in these states. This implies the non-acknowledgment of the specialist of the Nigerian government—a withdrawal offer. The government reacted by pronouncing a highly sensitive situation in the three most noticeably awful hit states. Regiments of warriors were drafted there to re-establish arrange, yet the circumstance is still awful.



A panel was likewise set up by the government to consult with this order. The question to examine is: What is the adequacy of the choice of transaction over the arrangement of more military compelled? Boko Haram is a faceless gathering and one marvels who the national government was consulting with. This makes this choice troublesome. On the off chance that the administration chooses sending troops, the war will be a long war as the group utilizes guerrilla strategies. The paper prescribes the two choices—stick and carrot—so that this emergency can be conveyed to an end.

Tackling Boko Haram Revolt:


5The chivalrous troops of the Nigerian armed force have proceeded in their prosperity against the savage Boko Haram group.

Colonel Sani Usman issued an announcement, saying that the troops of 7 Division Garrison, 112 Battalion and Army Headquarters Strike Group, made radiant progress in leeway operations against the guerrillas at Kotokuma, Dikwa neighbourhood government range.

As indicated by the military’s reports, just about 1,900 Boko Haram hostages have been liberated over the most recent two weeks as troops heighten safeguard operations in the nation’s upper east.

President Buhari demands Nigeria has pulverized the aggressor amass and is just at the “clean up” phase of the counterinsurgency when it is saving and resettling individuals stole by Boko Haram over the area.

Numerous Nigerians blame this claim, contending rather that the gathering stays dynamic and perilous despite the fact that its ability for seizing region seems to have been corrupted.

The believability of security administration proclamations is not high. It is difficult to affirm the Nigerian military’s cases of achievement as it is troublesome for nominatives, including the strategic group and the media, to get to the territories where Boko Haram customarily works in Nigeria. All things considered, it is to be trusted that the asserted advance against Boko Haram is genuine.

Illegal Arms Importation:


4The nation simply transformed into an arsenal over night; a re-implementation ground of a sort. Scarcely after the Abuja bomb impact which nearly prompted political mutilation of specific people among the political class, came a stunning circumstance at the Apapa port in Lagos.

We have seen the unlawful flow of little arms by runners over the land outskirts of neighbouring nations of Benin, Niger, Chad and Cameroon, has had an effect on across the board furnished banditry as well as on ethnic and religious savagery that have guaranteed lives. Another key arms-carrying course into Nigeria is the Lagos-Benin beach front pivot reaching out crosswise over West Africa to the extent Liberia and Sierra Leone.

The accessibility and wide dissemination of these arms represent the most serious peril to peace and security, particularly in our nation. These weapons if gotten on the wrong hands, undermined dependability, social peace and security and have created pulverization on our economy.

Doubtlessly Mr. Buhari’s dedication to battling debasement is a genuine one. Be that as it may, it will take significantly more than genuineness or great goals to help Nigeria break free from the incapacitating hold of debasement. He will, sooner than later, need to demonstrate evident evidence that his own particular changes can go past the well known acting of cycles of captures, trials, and stunning disclosures, and prevail with regards to setting Nigeria in a fundamentally unique bearing.

Nigerian military have done justice in this part too, curbing away the unjust discrimination by the uncultured people of the society. They have played a major role in stopping the illegal arms and ammunition exportation and thus tackled a huge amount of risk caused otherwise.

Fight against Livestock stirring, kidnapping and Armed Banditry:


5Troops of 1 Division Nigerian Army required in the battle against animals stirring, furnished banditry and hijacking in the northwest geo-political zone of the nation, have been recording triumphs.

Troops of 223 Battalion, 1 Brigade Nigerian Army, on watch at Gobirawan Kwacha, Dansadau Emirate, Maru Local Government Area, Zamfara State, drew in furnished desperados working at the zone, managed them definitively, recuperated and devastated 4 Motorcycles having a place with the offenders.

The troops likewise attacked furnished criminals camps at Tsannu and Rugga towns in Birnin Magaji and Zurmi Local Government Areas of Zamafara State. In the operation, 2 furnished criminals were executed.

Also, the troops recuperated a couple of military cover uniform, a bike, Dane weapon and sun oriented board at one of the camps.

The troops likewise completed comparative operation at an outfitted desperados den situated at Dumburum backwoods in Zurmi Local Government Area, Zamfara State in which a furnished highwayman was executed. The group recouped 15 rounds of 7.62mm (NATO) ammo and 3 Dane weapons. The furnished crooks camp was likewise decimated.

Foreign Effect:

Bangladesh admires Nigerian Military triumph At Curbing Insurgency:

3The group pioneer of the Bangladesh National Defence College on Geo-key review voyage through Nigeria, Rear Admiral Anwarul Islam has commended the achievement of the Nigerian Military to defeat insurrection and communicated their ability to embrace the Nigerian Armed Forces winning procedure to battle rebellion and culpabilities in their nation.

This was contained in an announcement marked the Director of Defence Information (DDI) Brigadier General Abubakar Rabe in Abuja.

He expressed this when him and colleagues the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), General Abayomi Gabriel Olonisakin at the Defence Headquarters, Abuja.

Islam, called attention to that the emotional path in which the Nigerian Military directed the recent lethal Boko Haram over the most recent one year was deserving of honour taking note of that the Nigerian Armed Forces are notable for their commitments to peace bolster operations worldwide and have contributed immensely to world and provincial peace.

He watched that Bangladesh has a long way to go from the Nigerian Armed Forces and commended the CDS for his administration course. He additionally extolled the Armed Forces for effectively debasing the Boko Haram Terrorists in the North East and handling different guilt’s in Nigeria requesting genial military two-sided relations with the Nigerian Armed Forces.

While respecting the appointment the CDS, who was spoken to by the Chief of Policy and Plans at DHQ Air Vice Marshal Bashir Saidu, guaranteed the group of the Nigerian Armed Forces’ availability to band together with the Bangladesh Armed Forces and to synergize with other willing countries in the worldwide war against fear.

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