COPA Lagos Encourages People with Beach Cleanliness

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Kinetic Sports, coordinators of the prestigious yearly beach tournament, COPA Lagos at the end of the week activated Nigerians from all kinds of different backgrounds for a tidy up of Lagos seaside zone of the Elegushi Beach in Lekki.

The practice which has turned into a part of the yearly COPA Lagos schedule is gone for monitoring the shoreline. It empowers cleanliness in the earth as a method for saving marine life. Around 150 individuals participated in the current year’s release of the workout, including well-known superstars, the staff of Kinetic Sports, and top authorities from corporate supporters of COPA Lagos including FCMB, Pepsi and Wakanow and Hero; with SuperSport and Cool Fm as accomplices.

Talking amid work, Managing Director, Kinetic Sports, Samson Adamu, said shoreline cleanliness practice was one of the corporate social obligation exercises for COPA Lagos.

He revealed that the objective during the current year is to gather no less than 750kg of junk amid the cleanliness workout, with every member required to gather no less than 15kg of waste.


As per him, waste has been disposed of into the seas for whatever length of time that people have lived on seashores or close conduits streaming into the ocean, with genuine outcomes on human and marine life. He distinguished plastics as one of the most exceedingly terrible types of rubbish found on the sea shore as a result of its indestructible, indecomposable, lightweight and gliding nature.

“In the blink of an eye, there are a huge number of kilogrammes of junk on sea shorelines around the globe, along these lines requiring a need to continually tidy up our shorelines. This is the thing that traditionalists around the globe are noticed stating the very fact, and we are regarding that call, while likewise approaching different Nigerians to join since it is a need,” he said.

A Meaningful Message being displayed by the People

Adamu said thanks to the members who participated in the event and communicated the conviction that the mindfulness made by the COPA Lagos shoreline sanitation will goad Nigerians to deal with their waste better through legitimate waste transfer and reusing. He repeated the significance of a perfect shoreline to Nigeria’s financial improvement.

“Our significant point of building up the yearly COPA Lagos occasion is to urge more Nigerians to grasp the shoreline culture and pull in outsiders to our shorelines, along these lines developing the nation’s income from tourism. Nigeria is honoured with loads of delightful shorelines, which can get to be significant vacation destinations like they have in Miami and different spots. In any case, the reality remains that these shorelines are grimy, and it is highly unlikely we can draw in guests to these shorelines on the off chance that they ought to stay in their present state,” he said.

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