Millionaire Blogger Launches Linda Ikeji Social Network to Benefit its Top Users

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Adore her or not, she’s one of Africa’s most popular news, seo services and jabber critics. Presently she’s planning to bring on Facebook with her own one of a kind interpersonal organisation or better to say social networking, which she says hit 50,000 new members on the very first day.

Linda Ikeji
Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji, a previous model from Lagos, Nigeria, says her social networking site, LIS (Linda Ikeji Social) has something others do not have: a one-stop look for everything on the web.

“Around 30-40 million Nigerians are presently on the web, and they experience such a variety of destinations,” Ikeji told.

“They go to Facebook for associating with companions. They go to my blog to peruse the news. They purchase and offer things and go to spots like Nairaland where they trade sentiments.”

Only six days in, the new social network has around 86,000 followers. Inside the following five years, Ikeji said she would like to be the new Facebook.

“Facebook is my opposition,” she added, who is acclaimed for her newspaper reporting, which many have censured for advancing tattle and ailing in believability.

In 2014 her blog went under investigation in the midst of assertions of literary theft and out of line utilisation of pictures which prompted to the blogging stage Blogger, keep running by Google, briefly taking her site disconnected.

Plans to Pay the Top Users

Aside from her dubious ways, she contrasts from Facebook in another significant way, nonetheless. She will likely pay individuals who pick up a considerable measure of followers on the site.

A View from the Social Network just before submitting your own story.

“When they have 50,000 followers on their page, we will naturally begin adapting it. That implies we will put our customer’s pennants on the page and pay you a commission from what they pay us.”

The money motivating forces are paid out to the alleged “wallet” – a segment on the network where individuals include their details of the bank account.

It stays to be checked whether anybody will hit that high. For the present, she will pay out a week by week share of her publicising income to the most mainstream records, she says.

“One week from now we are putting N20,000 ($63) each into 50 individuals’ wallets,” Ikeji said.

The system additionally plans to pay clients N8,000 (around $25) for unique news content.

The point of the business is to offer back to the online group.

The system could mean great cash for clients, and the informal community who gets help with pulling in individuals to join. A win, she clarifies.

“Being on social communication sites make the proprietors of the site very rich. You being on our site will profit, however in the meantime we will impart some of that cash to you.”

A Business of Billionaire

Ikeji is wherever in the online circle, with 1.32 million Twitter supporters and 796,000 after her Instagram account.

Everything began 10 years back when she was modelling and went over a blog entry about herself. “I enjoyed it and I needed to begin my own blog.”

In those days, online journals were more individual records of individuals’ lives, she said. “I needed something all the more fascinating. I needed to do babble and news and I gave them something else.”

One of the several posts from her Instagram Account
A post from her Instagram Account

As of now a superstar, it rapidly drew a considerable measure of pursuers.

“It resembled a VIP blog: individuals knew my identity and were exceptionally inspired by what I needed to state.”

It appears to have worked. Today her blog has around 7 million site visits for each day and is particularly famous with Nigerians living abroad in nations, for example, China, Dubai and the U.S., as indicated by Ikeji.

“It’s the main blog in Nigeria,” she says.

However prominent and effective she claims to be, Ikeji keeps on being disputable. Some say she is getting rich on gossips.

She says the feedback is mostly down to two things: Jealousy and the standard online investigate renowned individuals regularly persevere.

“There are individuals who are envious, on the grounds that they don’t see how someone can be so fruitful at something such a variety of others are attempting to do.”

Others basically don’t care for what she does, however Ikeji appears resolute.

“They may not concur with the way I do stuff. They will reprimand and demonstrate their feeling, which approves of me.”

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