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Akwa Ibom State – "Land Of Promise"

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Located in the south-south geopolitical zone of Nigeria, Akwa Ibom State was created in 1987. The state belongs to one of the oil producing states of the Niger Delta and it has a population of 3,920,208 and a land area of 6,900 sq Km. The state is made up of thirty one (31) local government areas and these are Abak, Eastern-Obolo, Eket, Nsit-Atai, Esit Eket, Essien-Udim, Etim-Ekpo, Etinan, Ibeno, Ibesikpo-Asutan, Ibiono-Ibom, Ika, Ikono, Ikot-Abasi, Ikot-Ekpene, Ini, Itu, Mbo, Mkpat-Enim, Nsit-Ibom, Nsit-Ubium, Obot-Akara, Okobo, Onna, Oron, oruk-Anam, Udung-Uko, Ukanafun, Uruan, Urue offong/Oruk, Uyo.

Before it was created, Akwa Ibom State was formerly a part of the South-Eastern state within the old Eastern Region of Nigeria. Following the 1976 state creation, it became part of Cross River State before a further restructuring of the Nigerian Federation saw the birth of Akwa Ibom as a state in 1987.

People & Culture
Akwa Ibom State is made up of a homogenous group of people believed to have originated from a single ancestral stock. The languages spoken in the state are closely related, and the Annang and Ibibio languages are mostly identical with a few dialectical differences. The Eket and Ibeno languages are more closely related to each other than to the other two, and are only partially understandable by speakers of the other two languages.

The Ibibio are the largest group, whilst the Annang, which form the second largest group, speak a language very similar to the Ibibio Language. Ibeno and Eket speak a similar language, and are located by the ocean. The Ibibio language belongs to the Benue-Congo language family, which forms part of the Niger- Congo group of languages.

The cultural similarity amongst the people of the state is also epitomized in folklore, songs, dances, food, beliefs and mythology. The people are predominantly of the Christian faith although some native African religions are in practice to some extent.

Akwa Ibom people are farmers, craftsmen, and merchants. A majority of the rural populace engage in farming. Other traditional occupations of the people are fishing, trading, hunting, wood-carving, raffia works, blacksmithing, pottery, iron works, tailoring, and crafts creation.

[tab:Geography] Akwa Ibom State is located in the south-south region of the country with a land mass area of 7,081km square. It is bordered to the east by Cross River State, bordered to the north by Abia State, bordered to the West by Abia and River States and bordered to the south by Atlantic Ocean. With an ocean front which spans a distance of 129 kilometers from Ikot Abasi in the west to Oron in the east, Akwa Ibom presents a picture of captivating coastal, mangrove forest and beautiful sandy beach resorts.

Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

The state is situated in the north of the Equator and within the humid tropics and its proximity to the sea makes the state generally humid. The state has a very calm tropical climate, marked by two distinct seasons – the rainy and dry seasons.

The state experiences abundant rainfall with very high temperature and the mean annual temperature of the state lies between 260 C and 280 C, while mean annual rainfall ranges from 2000 mm to 3000 mm, depending on the area. Maximum humidity is usually recorded in July while the minimum occurs in January. Thick cloud cumulonimbus type is commonly experienced in the months of March to November.

The climate of the state allows for favourable cultivation and extraction of agricultural and forest products such as palm produce, rubber, cocoa, rice, cassava, yam, plantain, banana, maize, and timber.

Cities & Towns
Other important cities and towns include Uyo, Oron, Abaki, Etinan, Ikot Abasi, Ikot Ekpene, Itu, Mkpat-Enin, Ukanafun, Ibeno, Ibiono-Ibom, Nsitubom.

[tab:Attractions] Ibeno Beach
This is a beautiful sand beach which stretches to James Town on the Atlantic, providing recreational facilities with excellent opportunities for water sporting. Other impressive beaches are at Eket, Ikot Abasi, Adadia, Nwaniba, Uta Ewa and Oron.

Amalgamation House
This is the iconic building where Lord Lugard, the colonial governor, amalgamated the Northern and Southern Protectorates in 1914, making Nigeria one geographical entity. It was also where cease-fire was declared in 1970 to end the Nigeria Civil War.

Oron Museum, Oron
The museum houses some finest carvings, relics, artifacts and other valuable antiquities such as masquerade costumes, traditional/instruments, pottery. The museum also contains an attractive, shaded water front garden where you can watch small boats drifting on the creeks.

National Museum, Uyo
The national museum houses relics, artifacts, carvings and valuable antiquities related to the people of Akwa Ibom State.

Lord Lugard Residence
This is a one-storey cottage where Lord Lugard lived during the amalgamation period and it is located opposite the amalgamation house. This site was claimed to be the first administrative headquarters of the region before it was relocated to Calabar.

Mbo Forest Game Reserve, Mbo
The forest Reserve is rich in wildlife, trees and indigenous plants.

Slave Masters Lodge, Okopedi, Itu
The Itu River was a renowned slave trade route and the old jetty still stands. There are a number of old prison-like warehouses where slaves were kept to await shipment via the Itu River. The main lodge was the residence of the white slave merchants who occupied the area. This is a one-story house, much complex and beautifully constructed.

Presbyterian Church, Itu
The Presbyterian Church was built by the famous missionary Mary Slessor who stopped the killing of twins amongst the people of the region.

Mary Slessor House Tomb
The monuments are spots where Mary Slessor was buried and the house she lived before her death situated around Ikot Oron/Itu village in the state.

Royal Niger Boat Yard
The boat yard is located behind Lugard’s house, it is a large boat yard where merchant ships were built and repaired. There exist some old boats and canoes of all sizes in the yard which is an indication of the extensive businesses carried out in the area in the past.

Sculptural Women Monument
The sculptural monument was erected to commemorate the heroic sacrifices of women killed in the famous women war of 1929 against the imposition of tax on women by the colonial government.

Ibom Plaza, Uyo
The monument which symbolizes the unity of the people of Akwa Ibom State, stands in the centre of the roundabout. It is a delightful art-piece, skirted with dazzling selection of uniquely beautiful flowers. The plaza has an open theatre, doubled-rolled water fountain with in the plaza, and shopping centre.

Other places of interest
Mobil Tank Farm
Ibom Connection

[tab:Eating Out] Chopee
This is an open-air bar and restaurant is one of the Eket’s most popular night spots and it serves a wide range of home-cooked local dishes such as soups, rice and peppersoup. Football is regularly shown on large screens and there is always a good crowd. Address: RCC Road, Eket. Tel: +234 803 744 4851

Oron Museum Kitchen
The restaurant at Oron Museum serves light local dishes such as Isi-Ewu, peppersoup and fresh pal wine. It offers a complete taste of Akwa Ibom! Address: 1 Oron Road, Oron Town

Mr Biggs
This is a top brand fast-food outlet that are all over the country. This outlet serves fried chicken, beef etc. Address: 4 Etebi Street, Eket. Tel: +234 807 773 108

Tevoli Hotels Restaurant
The restaurant is part of Tevoli Hotel and it serves local, national and expatriates with over 300 dishes available in their menu. Contact: 8 Nsit Lane, Uyo. Tel: +234 46322319, 08037849636, 07086415148

Bells Cafeteria
This is another fast food outlet that serves local and continental dishes. It also has a children play corner and provides indoor and outdoor catering services Address: Plot 5, Unit F, Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo. Tel: +234 8030989037

[tab:Shopping] Not yet posted

[tab:Hotels] Daaty Hotels Ltd
This hotel has 30 tastefully furnished rooms with a large conference hall, big restaurant, bar, internet access and it serves local and continental dishes. Contact: Plot 4, D-Line, Ewet Housing Estate, By AKIPOC, Uyo. Te: +234 7023652434, 07023652463.

Ultrafit Nigeria Limited
This is a 24-room hotel fully equipped with recreational facilities such as swimming pool, gym, tennis court etc. It also has conference facilities, a business centre, restaurant and bar. Contact: 137/139 A Line, Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo. Tel: +234 8038981107

Tevoli Hotels
Tevoli Hotel’s rooms include executive suites and standard rooms all tastefully furnished serve with friendly and courteous staffs. It provides car hire services, 24 hours laundry and dry cleaning services, internet access etc. Contact: 8 Nsit Lane, Uyo. Tel: +234 46322319, 08037849636, 07086415148

Le Méridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort
Situated on a hilltop ridge, with spectacular views over the rain forest stetching to the mountains of Cameroon, Le Meridien is a 5 star hotel and resort that comes with 130 rooms, 26 suites, 7 chalets, 3 restaurants and bars, conference hall, 11 meeting rooms, business centre, fitness club, salon & massage, pool & jacuzzi, Marina club, tennis & squash courts, indoor games, night club, heliport etc. Read more here Contact: Nwaniba Road, PMB 1200, Uyo. Tel: +234 (0) 808 052 7411

Monty Suites
This hotel has 40 tastefully furnished rooms with jacuzzi bath, restaurant, and bar, conference hall, gym, swimming pool with sit out bar, internet access etc. The hotel restaurant serves local and continental dishes. Contact: 37 Edet Akpan Avenue, Uyo. Tel: +234 7038091700, 08074089985

Pinnacle Premium Suites
Pinnacle has 10 exquisitely furnished rooms with swimming pool, garden bar and restaurant, indoor and outdoor catering services etc. Contact:Edet Akpan Avenue, Uyo. Tel: +234 8025342000, 08038308010

EEMJM Hotel & Suites
The hotel has 70 tastefully furnished rooms with a gym, 2 restaurants, swimming pool with bar, outdoor games, internet access, conference facilities etc.Contact: 47, Dominic Utuk Avenue, Uyo. Tel: +234 7087025888, 07037251343

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