Benin brass plaques

Edo State – "Heartbeat Of The Nation"

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Located in south-south geopolitical zone of Nigeria, Edo State was created in 1991 when the old Bendel State was split into two in a state creation exercise that also led to the birth of Delta state.

Tourists at Idanre hills, Ondo State

Ondo State – "The Sunshine State"

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Located in south-west geopolitical zone of Nigeria, Ondo State was created in 1976 out of the defunct Western State and it has 19 local government areas.

Gombe state some beautiful landscape formations

Gombe State – "Jewel In The Savannah"

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Gombe state is situated right within the expansive savannah region and has 11 local government areas which include Akko, Balanga, Billiri, Dukku, Funakaye, Gombe, Kaltungo, Kwami, Nafada, Shongom, Yamaltu/Deba.

Lord Lugard old residence Lokoja

Kogi State – "Confluence State"

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Located in north-central geopolitical zone (also called middle-belt region) of Nigeria, Kogi State was created out of the former Kwara and Benue States in 1991 covering the area of the former Kabba Province.

Nasarawa State cultural dancers

Nasarawa State – "Home Of Solid Mineral"

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The state was carved out of the old Plateau State in 1996 and ever since it was created, the state has grown to become one of the top tourist states with its magnificently beautiful landscapes and spectacular highland