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4Nike Art Gallery is arguably one of the top art gallery owned by none other than Nike Okundaye. She took this good initiative with core principle to inculcate cultural heritage to the people of Nigeria. She also wanted the youths to do their best to impart cultural benefits instead of going for foreign cultures.

Nike gave various useful workshops on traditional textile in the past, in the US and Europe. She has risen to fame all over the world as an artist and teacher. But, this time, she cordially invited everyone to her art gallery, visit once and remember the lifetime.

6One could not think of going once there. People tend to often visit even if someone is not interested in art and galleries. The beauty of the place attracts everyone from every corner of the globe. No matter what the culture and tradition are.

1Nike also developed a way so that the rural women could get a particular platform to build their career through art and culture, as they are really good in this. To fulfil her dream, to overcome the shadow of neglecting rural women of Nigeria, Nike came up with the idea and founded a Non-Profit Organisation with prominent people as the members of the Board of Trustees.

The foundation leads to the creation of the art gallery. The display of the artworks was made public so that a normal human and enjoy the culture of this African Country. It also meets the principle objective of the Foundation. With this success, Nike Art Gallery has become one of the largest privately owned art gallery in Africa.

The Art Gallery marks its presence in four different regions: Lagos, Abuja, Osogbo and Ogidi-Ijumu.

3The people visiting art gallery could see various paintings in different media, batik, fabrics, paper, canvas, embroidery, bead works. Sculptures and aluminium and copper work are also presented there. The art gallery in Lagos is four storey building and thus the largest from the whole lot. In fact, this has emerged as one of the network chains for the art and culture lovers as well as collectors.

Each and every branch of the art gallery includes a collective mixture of the culture of ethnic, contemporary, orthodox and traditional artworks. With over 8,000 diverse artworks from different Nigerian artists, art galleries have become a new trend among the people of Nigeria.

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