Abuja National Mosque

National Mosque Abuja

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National Mosque Abuja was built in the 1980s and it’s situated on Independence Avenue, across from the National Christian Centre. The National Mosque with its golden dome glistering in the sun, is the most impressive sight in Abuja.

The mosque, huge and shiny, is a notional monument belonging to all Nigerians and no one can miss the sight of this beautiful edifice in the city of Abuja.

The mosque houses a library, religious school and a conference hall. The golden dome and minarets of the national mosque dominate the skyline of Nigeria’s capital city.

The trained guides are on hand to help visitors move around and get to know more about the history of the construction and the style employed in the construction of this beautiful edifice.

National Mosque Abuja, Features & facilities

  • 1 Conference Center 500 persons
  • Religious school
  • Islamic library
  • Office for Islamic Centre
  • Residential facilities for Imam and Muazin


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