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Jos city travel guide

Jos was established in 1915 as a tin transportation camp and its early history was closely linked to the prosperity of the mining industry.

With a population of about 1,000,000, Jos remains one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Nigeria.

It is adjudged the “home of peace” or as the safest city to live in Nigeria. Situated at the northern edge of a pear-shaped upland known as the Jos Plateau.

This upland stretches for approximately 104km. from north to south, and 80km from east to west covering an area of about 8,600km2 or 860,000 hectares.

Characterised by impressive ridges and isolated rocky hills separated by extensive plains, the Plateau exhibits a variety of land forms which provide excellent picnic resorts.

Several rivers and hillocks are interspersed among the highlands giving the landscape a striking scenery.

It maintains an average height of 1,200m (4,000ft) above sea level, and reaches its highest peak in the Shere Hills where it stands at 1,766m (5,829ft).

Another remarkable feature of the Jos Plateau is the clusters of hamlets and villages, which lend colour and beauty to the landscape.

Public Notice:

Due to the recent violent attacks in Jos and some other part of northern Nigeria cities/towns, visitors are advised not to travel up north for safety purpose. Please wait until you are told to do so by the Nigerian security agency.

Shere Hills
This is one of Plateau’s highest peaks and most rugged, and offers unrivalled opportunities to the mountain climbers and lovers of adventure. It is about 10 kilometres to the East of Jos. The hills serve as a camping spot to the Citizenship and Leadership Training Centre.

Wase Rock
Its remarkable inselberg rising abruptly 250 metres above the plain of Wase town. A notable topographic feature of 800-foot- (250-metre-) high hill, rises sharply above the savanna. It is a rock climber’s heaven.

Rayfield Holiday Resort, Jos
The resort is located 4km from Jos city. A fantastic scenic environment that offers tourists endless fun of boating, swimming, sun bathing, horse riding, sport fishing and indoor games. For a day out or a weekend get away, the resort has what it takes for your leisure and tranquility. Bar and restaurant facilities are available between 10.00am-7.00 pm daily.

Riyom Rock Formation
Located 25 kilometers from Jos along the Jos-Akwanga road is one of nature’s most spectacular rock formations-the Riyom Rock, so called because it is located in the Riyom Town. Nature had carved out the geographical boundaries of Plateau State in the rock long before the state was even created.

Kurra Falls
This resulted from the activities of tin mining in the area. Kurra Falls is used by Nigerian Electricity Supply Company (NESCO) to generate electricity power for a large number of communities in the area.

Assop FallsThe site is an area of Guinea Savanna on the slopes and top of a mid-altitude ridge of the Jos Plateau, beside the Jos-Kagoro road, about 70 km from Jos. The vegetation comprises gallery forests sorrounded by grasslands. The Assop river, which feeds the picturesque rapids and falls, drains part of the Jos Plateau.

Museum of Nigeria Traditional Architecture (MOTNA)
This is erected on the same site with the National Museum Complex. Here are found the collection of traditional architecture.

Kurang Volcanic Mountain
These highlands are washed by fetching springs which supply the popular spring water (SWAN) with natural spring water. It is located about 88 Kilometres away from Jos.

Solomon Lar Amusement Park, Jos
Located right in the heart of the capital city of Jos, this park provides a place for many occasions. It has been used by movie makers and newly weds for receptions and other fun activities. It is a good site for picnics and recreation.

Panyam Fish Farm
This is located in Mangu local government area about 60 kilometres South-East of Jos. The farm is ideal for sports fishing. It is man-made and its products are sold at subsidized price.

Jos Wildlife Park
Unique for its rare and exotic collection of animals, the park picnic areas are provided in the pine forest and the Vongnifwel Hill, 1,345 metres above sea level being the highest point east of Jos.

Jos Museum Complex
Jos museum is Nigeria’s first museum and it is situated at the foot of a tree covered granites mountains named Coronation Hill. It has accumulation of Terra Cotta Sculptures of Nok Culture as its most distinguished features.

[tab:Eating Out]
King’s Bite Restaurant
Pleasant and friendly no-frills Lebanese and European restaurant where you can get well-made plates of food like spaghetti bolognese, Caesar salad or shawarma at a moderate price. Location: Near British-American Junction, Jos. Tel: +234 (0)73 458 832

Elysar Chinese & Lebanese Cuisine
Located inside the Hill Station hotel, this is a reasonably priced restaurant at which the Chinese food such as prawns, beef and chicken. Location: Hill Station Hotel, 10 Tundun Wada Rd, Jos. Tel: +234 (0)73 455 300

Mr Bigg’s
This is another popular fast food chain with outlets across the state as well as the country serving pastries, snacks, burgers and hot meals to families, teenagers, and corporate customers for nearly twenty five years. Location: 40/42 Ahmadu Bello Way, Jos. Tel: +234 N/A

AfriOne Cafe
This is a top restaurant and number one expatriate spot in Jos. It is very popular amongst the numerous American missionaries who are based in Jos. The restaurant offers the familiar Lebanese and continental mix with plates of hummus, pickles, shawara and chips etc. It also has a row of PCs at the back so customers can surf the net while waiting for their food. Location: Ahmadu Bello Way, Jos. Tel: +234 455 172

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Hill Station Hotel
This landmark resort hotel which is dated back to colonial era, is a favourite destination during the 1960s. The hotel offers well-equipped and air-conditioned rooms with cable TV, telephones etc. Location: 10 Tundun Wada Road, Jos. Tel: +234 455 300

Country Home Hotel
A large welcoming newly refurbished and undoubtedly clean, the hotel offers well-equipped and air-conditioned rooms with cable TV, telephones etc. Location: NEPA Close, Tundun Wada, Jos. Tel: +234 (0)73 462 479

Les Rosiers Bed & Breakfast
Les Rosiers Bed & Breakfast is ideally located in the centre of Jos, in the GRA area. The old colonial bungalows are situated in the middle of a huge compound full of trees and birds. It is a paradise of silence in the heart of the city. It offers two bungalows fully equipped, one with two rooms and the other one with a room and a living room. The standard is excellent, the price is affordable. strong>Location: No1 Rest House Road, Jos. Tel: +234 (0)803 357 52 33

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