First Edition 2017 of ComeToNigeria Magazine now out
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ComeToNigeriaMagazine First Edition 2017 Now Out


First edition 2017 of ComeToNigeriaMagazine brought into the open the problems facing tourism in Nigeria, irrespective of numerous calls by the government and the people of Nigeria to see tourism as the new frontier that will heal the economy of foreign exchange scarcity. It is still an assumption that Nigeria can make anything from tourism when our borders remain closed to tourists.

In July 2012, we received a message from one of the followers of our website, Stephen Hammond, wanting to know if the point of entry visa that was much talked about before has started or not. The truth is that, as we are entering 2017, the point of entry visa is still not introduced. We have visited countries like Egypt, South Africa, Tanzania and Morocco and all of them have point of entry visa systems, meaning that citizens of some western countries actually don’t require visas to come in. That is the reason why they continue to make money from tourism.

Depending on where you live, some people pay more than $350 to obtain Nigerian visiting visas and the conditions and requirements for applicants still remain obsolete. The need for a change in visa policy is crucial to the success of tourism development in Nigeria as Pam Sam give her personal accounts of what she experienced that may help us record higher number of tourists coming in.

This ComeToNigeriaMagazine edition’s city in focus showcases the sounds and beats of Onitsha in Anambra State, the “Light Of The Nation”. It features where to go, what to do and others things that make the ancient city of Onitsha tick with in-dept research by Chukwuemeka Bright Ikechukwu.

Whether you are making a first visit or renewing old acquaintance or even if you are a Nigerian in diaspora contemplating a visit, there is plenty to see in Nigeria. Just pick a copy of ComeToNigeria or subscribe online here

Placing Nigeria first is what the current government is advocating. The change according to the government is to begin with every individual. Made in Nigeria products, therefore, are the keys to achieving the bouncing back of the Nigerian economy. We have the skills, the products and the people that our associate editor, Ekundayo Adeniran, outlined in this edition that you will enjoy.

We at ComeToNigeriaMagazine wish all our readers a warm and prosperous 2017 and we look forward to seeing you soon in Nigeria.

Oladimeji Adisa

A Nigerian that love to write and do research on everything. I am an #artist, #publisher and an #entrepreneur. I was the 145th winner of #PointsofLightAward by #UKPrimeMinister for my works in over 500 UK #Schools with over 1000 children and young people. There is only one me. @oladimeji
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