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My Nigeria

My Nigeria showcases friends of Nigeria who have either been to the country or have an interest in Nigeria.

It is an avenue for them to tell the world their thoughts about Nigeria and her people.

Gerwine Bayo-Martins

My Nigeria with Gerwine Bayo-Martins

The 10th edition of my Nigeria features Gerwine Bayo-Martins

Gerwine Bayo-Martins is a German woman who is married to a Nigerian. She used to live in Lagos where she worked for a German airline.

Now she teaches at a Secondary School, she paints and writes stories. She is from Hamburg, Germany and live near Frankfurt now.

Gerwine Bayo-Martins is from Hamburg, Germany and she lives near Frankfurt now. Read more

Ingrid Fasanya-Ulferts


The 9th edition of my Nigeria features Ingrid Fasanya-Ulferts

Ingrid Fasanya-Ulferts is a German woman who is married to a Nigerian. She works as a teacher at a German primary school. Ingrid Fasanya-Ulferts has visited Nigeria twice.

She stayed in Lagos for 4 weeks on her first visit to Nigeria and Africa as a whole. She came back to Nigeria in October 2010 to visit her husband who was still working on his German course at Goethe Institute in Lagos. Read more

Cara “Titilayo” Harshman

My Nigeria with Cara

The 8th edition of my Nigeria features Cara “Titilayo” Harshman

Cara Harshman is an American and a former student of Journalism and Yoruba language at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

As part of her university degree program, she attended University of Ibadan, Nigeria, on a one year student exchange program to study Yoruba language and culture where she was named “Titilayo”.

She visited a number of Yoruba cities and towns, interacting with the locals, learning new things and perfecting her Yoruba language. Read more

Mohammed Jammal

My Nigeria with Mohammed Jammal

The 7th edition of my Nigeria features Mohammed Jammal

Mohammed Jammal, a.k.a White Nigerian, was born in the city of Jos in Northern Nigeria where he was brought up before moving to London to study in 2006.

He moved back to Nigeria in January 2011 and he is currently working as a Business Development Officer for an IT company.

He also does shows part time both in Abuja where he lives and in Lagos. One of his previous performances was at the Lord of the Ribs with Basket Mouth at the Sheraton Hotel, Abuja. Read more

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