ComeToNigeria New-Edition - Guide to Nigeria tourism, local culture & investments

ComeToNigeria New-Edition

ComeToNigeria new-edition now out. Our lives are like a film of live sequences, but there is no rewind. Live each day in the present and remember the past, but don’t bring it into your today. This way, you will have a fantastic future. Love life, enjoy life and be extremely happy. I am trying hard to practice this.

True colours are usually hidden when people show up for the first time. Come to Nigeria enables me to meet very many people. My experience is growing every day. Especially, as we are making efforts to get some foreign missions to talk about Global trade concerning Nigeria for the next edition.

Within the last quarter, we have witnessed a change of continuity in Nigeria. The ruling party had a renewed mandate, and because we hope the ease of doing business in the country will be enhanced and more investors will be encouraged to come to Nigeria, we, therefore, welcome this as necessary in the history of our country. For every foreign investor looking to expand into Africa, Nigeria should have the first right of refusal when it comes to locating facilities and factories. We have the human resources, and we have the market. So, trade should blossom here because despite the negative news about Nigeria, house-hold names multinational companies continue to invest and prosper in Nigeria.

It is essential to keep records of everything that is Nigerian, the wonderful world of butterflies‘ story reinforces the lack of Nigerian record-keeping Deficiency is incomparable with other countries. The real fact about the butterflies presence in Nigeria remains unknown because it is the outsiders most of the time that come here to research our resources, and it is what they tell us that we must believe.

For the first time, we are collaborating with NAiDRENALIN Adventures to present from time to time places where people interested in adventures can visit. If you want more experience in your life, it’s up to you to get on with it and make it happen. In their words, ‘You don’t need a lot of money, or time to travel to exotic locations for an adventurous lifestyle.’ Forget apples; an adventure a day is the reliable way. This quarter is presenting two exotic destinations- Jebba and Mambilla Plateau.
Look for this new-edition and enjoy it with relish.

Oladimeji Adisa

A Nigerian that love to write and do research on everything. I am an #artist, #publisher and an #entrepreneur. I was the 145th winner of #PointsofLightAward by #UKPrimeMinister for my works in over 500 UK #Schools with over 1000 children and young people. There is only one me. @oladimeji

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