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Nigeria to Continue in ICC : Federal Government

The government said Nigeria has no plan of pulling back its cooperating membership from the International Criminal Court (ICC).

This was confirmed by the deputy representative, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jane Adams, in Abuja.

Adams also expressed that Nigeria was balanced towards enhancing the working strategies for the court for effective conveyance of its authority in the administration of mankind and fair equity.

She said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs watched the current advancements on withdrawal of enrolment of the ICC by some African nations, depicting the activities as national choices.


South Africa, Gambia, and Burundi had in October reported their purpose of pulling back from the ICC.

As indicated by the representative, the ICC speaks to the trust and goals of numerous individuals around the globe.

She said that Nigeria as a state party to the Rome Statute trusted that the court speaks of a universal system for guaranteeing equity for all.

“Nigeria remains a signatory to the Rome Statute received on July 17, 1998, and which went into constraining on July 1, 2002. Nigeria saved its instrument on September 27, 2001.

“Numerous member States of The UN, not simply Africans are not yet signatories and state parties of the statute.

“Despite the fact that non-participation does not shield anybody from indictment by the court as the UN Security Council can allude cases to the Court, the time has however come to approach all part states who have not yet marked the Rome Statute to consider getting to be signatories to the statute.


“It is just by cooperating that we can guarantee that the court successfully plays out its capacities and serves mankind steadfastly,” she expressed.

Nigeria, as per her, underscores the standards and destinations which propelled the formation of ICC.

Adams, as per the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), said this incorporate battling exemption and guaranteeing that culprits of violations, for example, atrocities, genocide and wrongdoings against mankind are conveyed to equity.

“A reinforced, reinvigorated and tweaked ICC as an image of the International Criminal framework has an imperative part to play to offer comfort to casualties of terrible disgusting and obnoxious violations.

“It will likewise make the offender of those violations realise that there is no rest for the devilish.

“We by and large owe it as an obligation to this and future eras, to offer a voice to the voiceless,” she said.

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