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Kano travel tips

Historically, Kano has been a centre of trade especially towards the North and across the Sahara. It has been one of the most important trading towns for the Hausas, who had a big empire in the 18th and 19th centuries. It’s a bustling and interesting city that has grown at a frenzied pace in recent years.

Thumb ups:

Kano is known for its leatherwork; its tanned goatskins were sent – from about the 15th century – to North Africa and were known in Europe as Morocco leather. A visit to the Emir’s Palace and the 15th century Gidan Makama Museum provides an insight into the typical Hausa architectural design that has been in existence for well over five hundred years.

Dala Hill that dominates the city is worth a climb to the top for the best 360 panoramic view of the city. The old city wall has been pulled down in some parts of the city, however, there is still a long stretch of the wall along Bayero University Road.

Also worth checking out is the Kofar Mata indigo dyeing pits which are one of the most fascinating aspects of the old city. Here, various designs are folded into the material before dyeing and the fabric is often beaten to achieve the shiny, indescent appearance. Also, Durbar festivals offer a spectacular traditional concert and bazaar of African music and horse-riding.

Other places are Kano Zoological Garden, Challawa Dam, Tiga Dam, Falgore Game Reserve etc.

Thumb downs:

Kano is a muslim city where alcohol is not publicly available for consumption. Also, it is very important for women to dress modestly. Because of the high humidity and temperature of the city, visitors are expected to experience hotness almost throughout the year.

Another known downside of Kano is the unavailability of top brand hotels and this means that the visitors to the city will have to make do with small but clean hotels that are available in the city. Check out the 5th edition of CometoNigeria Magazine for more travel tips and images.

Public Notice:

Due to the recent violent attacks in Kano and some other part of northern Nigeria, visitors are advised not to travel up north for safety purpose. Please wait until you are told to do so by the Nigerian security agency.

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