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Hausa cuisines are traditional and modern food prepared by Hausa people, it is base on the availability of raw food materials they can farm or provide from other places, in most time Hausa people depends purely on the farm product that they have cultivated, to be used for food preparations. Hausa people have a meal that is common to most communities called (Tuwo Shinkafa).

Hausa people take breakfast very important, to the fact that breakfast is taken early in the morning, Hausa people takes a light liquid food as a breakfast, these food are usually prepared at home, but some Hausa people use to buy commercial food from either food houses or street food sellers. Mostly Hausa take the following food as breakfast.

However, they love and appreciate the special taste of their traditional delicacies after a long day work.

The rice meal, popularly called Tuwo Shinkafa served with vegetables is one of the most adored diet for the night.



Mix dry corn dough and cassava dough and Add mixture bit by bit to the boiling corn dough and stir thoroughly to prevent any lumps. Add the corn dough solution you fetched aside to the Tuwo Shinkafa to make it soft and stir. Stir for sometime and dish out. Serve Tuwo with stew and soup.

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