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A Tour into Southern Nigeria’s Tourist Centre: Olumo Rock.

Let’s have a bit of an exercise. Take a minute to think about this. How often have you considered going on a vacation or having fun out?

How many of those times did coming to Nigeria ever cross your mind? I know, right! It probably never did. Some might believe Nigeria does not have exciting Tourist Centres, Conservations, or Parks. You may have been correct many years ago, but the narrative has changed.

Nigeria has many beautiful and exciting places to create beautiful memories with friends and loved ones. At come-to-Nigeria, we have compiled a list of these places and will review them one after another. Today’s article will be focused on the very revered Olumo Rock.
Ready for the ride? Get your seat belts on, and let’s roll.

History of Olumo Rock

Olumo Rock was discovered in the Nineteenth-century by a hunter who sorts refuge in the Rock during an intertribal conflict. At the time, the Oyo Empire was disintegrating, and this hunter, a leader of the Egba refugees, was on the run and found refuge beneath the Rock.

Olumo Rock is located in Abeokuta, Ogun state. Its name is coined from combining two words, “Olu”, which means deity, and “Mo”, which means moulded. The Egba clan believed that the Rock provided protection and defence for them during the conflict; this is why the Olumo Rock is highly esteemed by this clan, as it gave them a clear view of their approaching enemies during war and helped the Egba people gain victory.
On the 3rd of February, 1976, Olumo Rock was commissioned as a tourist centre by former Nigeria President Olusegun Obasanjo.

The exciting experience is beyond staring at the Rock. There are facilities around the tourist centre that will make your experience worthwhile. Would you like to find out? Then, read on.

What you’d find at the Olumo Rock Tourist Centre

Over the years, many facilities have been implemented to make the Olumo Rock tourism experience exciting. The Olumo Rock is as high as 137 metres. Even though not so high compared to the Zuma Rock in Abuja, an elevator has been mounted for those who want to skip the fun part of climbing the stairs.

1.      Caves and Tunnels:

At the Olumo Rock tourist centre, there are caves and tunnels that you might want to explore right at the base of the Rock. One of the caves is called “Iya Orisa”, which means Mother of the Gods. The people believe that this deity dwells in that cave.

2.      Shrine:

The indigenes of Egba built a shrine where they worship the deity and make sacrifices to it. Some shrines are specific for healing practices, while others are for more diabolic and spiritual exercises like sacrificing to the deity and paying due homage.

While you are on tourism, it would be wise to stay away from the shrine as acting in ignorance could bring inevitable consequences that you may not be able to bear.

3.      Museum:

The Museum is one place you should not miss out on while exploring. The Olumo Rock Museum has a record of all the old things that happened around and in Olumo Rock and Abeokuta in general.

You will find an exhibition of crafted images, photographs, and everything on the history and culture of Abeokuta.

4.      Cable Car:

If you want a stress-free tour, you prefer to sit and watch; a cable car is available to drive you from the base of the Rock to its top. All you need to do is, sit pretty and enjoy the view.

5.      Garden:

Remember that proposal you’ve been planning? The garden would be an excellent place to make it. With beautiful and colourful flowers, which could make it almost impossible for your proposal to go wrong.

6.      Picnic spot:

If you decide to have homemade meals while you connect with your family, friends, or team members, the Picnic spot is a good space, with excellent views around to make your hangout private in a public place.

7.      Restaurants:

You probably are like me, who does not like to travel with so much luggage. That’s Ok. You do not need to worry about your feeding because, at Olumo Rock tourist centre, various restaurants have various meals to suit your cravings.

8.      Convenience Rooms:

There are convenience rooms around the tourist centre. If you need to make yourself convenient, you don’t need to worry about finding toilets and bathrooms.

9.      Hotels:

You probably intend to experience every beauty that Olumo Rock offers, and you might be unable to cover all these in a day. There are affordable hotels where you can lodge for as long as you intend.

10.  Theatre:

Last but not the least on this list. It has an outdoor theatre where cultural activities, music concerts, and performances are held.


You have gone through this ride with us, and I’m sure you had your seat belt on the entire time. One beautiful thing about a visit to Olumo Rock is that it gives you a “want to be back again” experience at a very affordable price.

So, if you ever decide to come to Nigeria, you might want to stop by Abeokuta, Ogun state, to visit the Rock.

I hope this was helpful. Thank you for reading. Remember to engage this article and always click on Come to Nigeria for articles on exciting places to visit in Nigeria.

Now, you may take off your seatbelt.