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Exploring Fun Activities at the Omu Resort

Omu Resort, one of the exclusive tourist and recreational centers in Lagos, is an exciting place to explore with friends, colleagues, that special person, and even your children. Omu Resort is one of the major resorts located in Lagos’ Ibeju Lekki. The Omu Resort has recreated a place that combines both nature and man-made facilities for fun and excitement.

Omu Resort is a home for some wildlife too

At the Omu resort, you have access to watch animals like different species of monkeys, Lion, Hyena, Tortoise, different bird species, reptiles, etc. A proper habitat that will help wildlife thrive, has been put in place at the Omu Resort.

Let’s not forget to welcome these new arrivals

A Zebra and Eland have just arrived at the Omu Resort. Elands are a specie of Antelope that is large in body size.

Your children are not left out with the Tide’s wet and wild section at the resort.

There are lots of fun activities for children yet, in a safe environment at the Omu Resort. The amusement park also has lots of amenities like different Roller Coasters, Omu Resort Pirate Ship which swings from the front to the back, and Space ship. You could decide to take the fun a bit further by karting. Who doesn’t enjoy Karting? It’s Ok if you don’t, but you’d enjoy the paintballing.

Enjoy so much Fun-time at the DDT Paintball arena

Paintball is a game that involves different teams shooting at opponents. Anyone who gets hit by the paintball would be eliminated. A paintball game is usually interesting as you’d be keen on protecting yourself from being hit by the paintball while trying to eliminate as many opponents as you can. The Sea-world is a beautiful attraction with different species of aquatic habitats available to watch. The archery arena is a fine place to either practice or show off your archery skills, with enough bows and arrows to go around.

Beautiful and Healthy Horses to give you a ride

If you’ve never ridden on a Horseback, don’t miss the chance to ride on one at the Omu Resort. The Omu Resort has trained Horse-riders who will ensure that you have a safe and smooth horse ride experience. And if you’re already an expert in Horse riding, get ready to sweep onlookers off their feet with your Horse riding skills. The classy businessmen who would prefer to discuss business over a game, have the mini golf section to play golf while having a business chat and closing a deal.

Say hello to the world of a proper belly-treat

  Chances are that you’d get exhausted and famished after these exciting exercises. At the Omu Resort, a variety of Canteen and restaurants are available to serve the meal of your choice. For continental food and drinks like Beef Burgers with fried potato chips, Chicken burgers, Hot dogs, Suya, Milkshake, Barbecue turkey, Smoothies, Cocktails, and Fruit parfait, visit Chateau De Delice, then for local food and drinks like “amala and Ewedu soup”, Efo riro, Efo egusi, Palm wine, visit Abule Buka. But if you’d prefer something in between, Mama’s Delight is the spot for meals like properly prepared, garnished, and served Jollof Rice, Sharwama, Ice-cream, and Popcorn. These edibles are prepared by the most skillful and experienced Chefs.

We are open every day

Omu Resort opens at 9:00 am every Monday to Saturday and by noon on Sundays. The closing hour for every day is 6:00 pm.

Tickets are also very affordable

With about four ticket plans; Gold, Platinum, prime, and Super Prime, there is something available for everyone. You can contact them here for their price list, but you’d certainly get a discount when you purchase your tickets online. Discounts are also available for group visits. Also, please be informed that the Omu Resort practices a cashless policy. All payments are made via cards or Internet banking. And if all you have is cash, there is a terminal where you can exchange your cash for card payment but of course, charges apply.

Accommodation is available too

Omu Resort’s luxury hotel, Le Chateau Guest House has Standard rooms which cost about 30,000NGN, and Deluxe rooms which cost about 35,000NGN. The rooms are well equipped with the best facilities to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.


The Omu Resort is one of the major exciting places in Lagos, Nigeria. At the Omu Resort, different packages like; Birthday, Corporate hangout, Team building, and Picnic are available. Contact them with the package you’d be opting for, and enjoy quality Fun-time, exploration, and adventure.