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Benin city travel guide

Founded around the 10th century, Benin served as the capital of the Kingdom of Benin, the empire of the Oba of Benin, which flourished from the 14th through the 17th century. Benin City is an ancient city with the population of more than 1.3 million people (2006 estimate) and it is the capital of Edo State in southern Nigeria.

It was one of the most important cities in West Africa until the British invasion in the 18th Century that resulted in looting of its more than 2000 artistic statues and many other artifacts that can now be sighted in various museums all over the Europe and America.

Today Benin City is an important centre for traditional art and the National Museum in the city still has a few good pieces of the traditional statues both ancient (original) and the remakes of the ones stolen by the British Army.

The spectacular beauty about the city is that it is surrounded by moats which are as historical as the walls of China and it was used as a form of defence against enemies during the war. The moat is said to have taken over three years to complete.

[tab: Attractions] Ogba Zoological Garden
Established in 1965 inside a forest reserve in Ogba village 6km from Benin City. It is renowned for local and other species of wildlife which are not easily found other parts of the country today.

Benin Brass Work
Known as the centre of bronze and brass artwork, Benin brass work is one of the remarkable art works in the world. Benin is well known as the place of the best bronze casters in West Africa. Bronze casters are all over the city.

Okomu National Park
Located in Ovia South LGA, the park which lies 45km west of Benin City is a home of forest elephants, buffaloes, red river hogs, chimpanzees, leopards, bush baby, putty nosed guenon, porcupine, pangolins, duikers, antelopes etc . Read more here

Oba’s Palace, Benin City
Rebuilt in 1914, the palace is in the heart of the city which is a centre of historical monuments, whose history dates as far back as 900A.D. It is veritable repository of Benin history where crafts and culture, specimens of art works depicting historical events can be seen. The palace is a tenth of the size of the original place which was razed to ground in 1897 by the British forces.

Benin City Wall & Moat
The moats which were built around the city to ward off enemies, are the most impressive city walls and moat known locally as “Iya” in southern Nigeria. Most of the walls were destroyed by the British when they invaded Benin in 1897. A portion of the remaining old city wall can be found along Murtala muhammed Way.

Benin City Museum
This is a national museum located in the middle of the round-about in King’s square. The museum was constructed in 1973 and houses some of the most treasured antiquities and the world famous bronze works of the ancient Benin. Other works includes terracotta, Ivory carving and cast-iron artifacts etc.

Edo Cultural Dance
Benin city is blessed with interesting and amazing dances with the best of colourful costumes that make the dancers look beautiful. A visit to Benin city would afford the visitors the opportunity of learning more about Benin culture.

Victor Uwaifor Art Gallery, Benin
This gallery is owned by a famous artist and musician Victor Uwaifor and it displays different art works and crafts.

NIFOR Estate, Benin
NIFOR is a research centre created by the Federal Government of Nigeria and mandated to research on producing the best yields in oil palms, coconut and other agricultural seedlings. This research centre occupies a vast land where oil palm plantations, coconut plantations, processing unit, laboratory, nursery beds, and residential quarters are found. This centre produced the seedlings that were planted and nurtured in Malaysia.

[tab: Eating Out] EFEX Fast Food
EFEX fast food offers a wide range of continental and African dishes from fried-rice to pounded yam to porridge. With sizzling hot dishes and a wide variety of drinks, EFEX fast food would surely blow your mind and leave you wanting for more. Contact: 102, Lagos Road & 4, Urubi Street, Benin City. Tel: +234-803-4256-522, 0803-4256-429

Lincx Cuisine
This is a top restaurant that offers great continental dishes with delicious flavours and fresh ingredients. Opens 9.00am to 10.00pm. Contact: 7 Uhenuyi Street, Off Boundary Road, G.R.A., Benin City. Tel: +234 52 876 012

Mr. Biggs
This is one of the top fast food eateries that offer good quality food in Nigeria. Mr Biggs has outlets all over the main cities and towns across the country. Contact: Sapele Road, Benin City. Tel: +234 N/A

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[tab: Hotels] Meridian Lodge
Meridian Lodge offers full hotel services to their numerous clients. Their experience has created a tradition of hospitality that is evident in everything they do. Contact: 2 Adenomo Cresent, Etete, GRA, Benin City. Tel: +234-52-254364, 8063081050

Royal Marble Hotels
The hotel is located in a peaceful and secured environment and it offers luxury and exquisite rooms furnished to taste, conducive relaxation, bar and restaurant, a well arrange conference hall, maximum security, swimming pool, internet facilities etc. Contact: 22 Ihama Road, Off Airport Road, GRA, Benin City. Tel: +234 N/A

Excalibur Benin Hotel
Excalibur Benin Hotel offers peace and quite, comfort and quality services. The hotel features bedrooms, restaurants, swimming pool, pool bar and other excellent leisure facilities. Contact: 23B, Etete Road, G.R.A, Beside NNPC, Benin City. Tel: +234-52-258938, 52-257447

Boston Hotel & Suites
Boston Hotel is a new generation hotel accommodation in the historic city of Benin with its enjoyable climate and history. The hotel is nestled in the beautiful flat land of the city, quiet and tranquil. Contact: 1 Oguigo Avenue, Along Adeyan, off Ihama Road, GRA, Benin City. Tel: +234 (0) 8054069515

Kenbrill Hyatt Hotel
Kenbrill Hyatt Hotel Benin City offers luxury accommodation right in the heart of GRA, Benin City. The hotel provides modern, luxury accommodation, reverse cycle air-conditioning and stylish bathrooms. Contact: 10 Agbonrofo Street, Off Ettete Street G.R.A., Benin City. Tel: +234-52-257183, 805 661 7882, 802 338 4884

Vichi Gate Hotel
The hotel provides superb accommodation with rooms fully equipped with internet access and other facilities. The hotel is protected 24/7 and enjoys uninterrupted power supply. Contact: No. 68 Ihama Road, G.R.A., Benin City. Tel: +234 52-256404, 052-256389

Randekhi Royal Hotel
The hotel provides high quality service standards which deliver an excellent Guest experience and encourage brand preference. Contact: 6, Uhenuyi Street, Off Ihama Road, G.R.A, Benin City. Tel: +, 466.658

EFEX Hotel
EFEX hotel is a unique lodging palace featuring clean, convenient, quality accommodations, spacious and attractive guest rooms well-equipped with cable TV, internet access etc. Contact: 102, Lagos Road & 4, Urubi Street, Benin City. Tel: +234-803-4256-522, 0803-4256-429

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