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ComeToNigeriaMagazineSecondEdition 2017 Now Out

The ComeToNigeriaMagazineSecondEdition in 2017 finally came out today as one of the best editions yet. Little did we know that the relocation of the Nigerian Military Command Centre to Maiduguri, since May 2015, will contribute to the success in the fight against insurgency in the North Eastern part of the country. The main focus this time is on President Muhammadu Buhari’s magnificent performance midway through his term in office. Within two years, he and his Vice President has helped to change world perception on Nigeria. Though no pain no gain, Nigeria is picking up gradually and we at ComeToNigeria believe that very soon, we are going to get the much-awaited status as a tourist destination. We are now a country in transition with enormous economic potential.

Other features in this issue include the effort of the army to bring peace and security to the country by winning the war against insurgencies. We talked extensively about the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General Buratai with an in-depth look at the way the security challenges facing Nigeria is been handled. We also feature a story by Olivia Osueke, the new U.S. Travel Ambassador for ComeToNigeriaMagazine and we celebrate with Kwam 1 De Ultimate with the music of Nigeria.

Also in the ComeToNigeriaMagazineSecondEdition, we take a look at inspirational Nigerians: Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu who recently celebrated his 65th birthday and the man of the moment, Dr Olurotimi Badero, the world’s only combined heart and kidney specialist doctor.
This edition is certainly an exciting one, with fantastic stories. My African American friend of many years past, Carlton Tilley shared the result of his ancestral DNA confirming him as more a Nigerian.

New additions to our plan in the next twelve months is a tourism expo that will bring some new sets of tourists and investors to Nigeria.

It is a proven fact that travelling makes us far happier than any material wealth ever does, therefore, I want to call on those looking for new adventures to come to Nigeria and enjoy the hospitality of the country just like Richard Quest of CNN recently discovered.
Dr John Osamor often said to me that ‘YOUR DREAM and VISION were not given to everyone around you, you can’t, therefore, be upset that no one else wants to go all the way with you’. Our mission, at COMETONIGERIA, is to promote the good sides of the country that you don’t normally see on the TV, displaying those marvels that make Nigeria awesome; and using this tested platform to bring the World to Nigeria while side by side, taking Nigeria to the world, welcoming the epicureans of all that is brilliant and magnificent to test the powerful pleasures that make Nigeria incredible: the way of life, its people and places, expressions of the human experience and the vegetation; and tempting bouquet of endless opportunities.

If along the line we have succeeded to whet the appetites and wanderlust, not to mention investment pull of the people, we would have to feel fulfilled as this edition will show you that sky is the limit and God is the visioner.
It is always good when you come to Nigeria, to find out before you go to some areas, just like when you travel to other places in other parts of the world. We need our guests to observe this. Heading for good things? Come to Nigeria. This is the place to be.
Together we’ve got miles to go, a mission to fulfil and miles to go before we sleep…
See you when you arrive!
Finally, to keep up-to-date with all the latest developments on tourism and investment opportunities in Nigeria, please always visit our website at and remember to pick a copy of ComeToNigeriaMagazineSecondEdition. It is also available on Google Play Store or by subscription online here.