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Five lessons learnt from Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to Nigeria

The visit of Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, to Nigeria has created so much buzz around the country and even the world. Nigerians posted a lot of comments on social media. looked at the five lessons learnt in Mark Zuckerbeg’s visit to Nigeria, a great nation in Africa.


Lagos is undoubtedly the heartbeat of Nigeria

Since Abuja became the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, there have been arguments over which of the two cities -Abuja and Lagos- is the actual heartbeat of the Nation. For those who are still in doubt, the visit of the famous CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, to Lagos has proved that the city is indeed the core of our nation. The social media genius could have visited any other part of the country, but he picked Lagos. Of course, he visited Abuja later on, but that visit seemed more like an afterthought.

Nigeria’s Jollof rice reigns supreme

What more is there to say? Mark Zuckerberg, a well-travelled member of the world’s top class who has probably tasted the best of meals around the world, gushed about Nigeria’s favourite meal-Jollof rice! That certainly is enough to prove that the meal indeed reigns supreme.

Mark Zuckerberg eating Nigeria delicacy

Mark Zuckerberg eating African delicacy

There are too many talents in Nigeria

In Mark’s own words: “This trip has really blown me away by the talents of young entrepreneurs and developers in this country, and making a difference and making a change. It reminds me of when I wanted to start Facebook. I wasn’t starting a company at the time but wanted to build something to see if it would work. And that is what I see people here do, pushing through challenges, building things that you want to see in the world. You are not just going to change Nigeria and the whole of Africa but the whole world.”

Simplicity should be a core value for any searching for success

Even President Buhari commended the simplicity of Zuckerberg as he thanked him for sharing his wealth of knowledge with Nigerian youths, and inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs. Although Zuckerberg is among the world’s richest men, he does not dress lavishly or engage in impulsive spending. In Buhari’s words: “In our culture, we are not used to seeing successful people appear like you. We are not used to seeing successful people jogging and sweating on the streets. We are more used to seeing successful people in air-conditioned places. We are happy you are well-off and simple enough to always share.”


The future of Nigeria lies in the hands of the youth

There have been Memes suggesting that Mark Zuckerberg may have boycotted the older men who play key roles in the Nigeria’s telecommunication and media industry as he understands that the future can only be driven by young talents. The CEO mentioned that he was blown away by the talent and level of energy of the Nigerian youth that he saw at the Co-creation Hub in Yaba, Lagos, and this surely reaffirms the belief that the future of Nigeria certainly lies in the hands of its youth.