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Lagos Travel Guide

Lagos is Nigeria’s biggest city, lies inward from the Gulf of Guinea crosswise over Lagos Lagoon. Victoria Island, the monetary focal point of the city, is known for its shoreline resorts, boutiques and nightlife. Toward the north, Lagos Island is a haven for the National Museum Lagos, showing social curios and craftworks. Adjacent is Freedom Park, once a pioneer time jail and now a noteworthy setting for shows and open occasions. Our website is optimized by SEO (Search Engine Optimization)



Shorelines follow the Lekki Peninsula running east from the town, while inland, the Lekki Conservation Center offers untamed life and trails. Regional skills and trade can be located at bright Lekki Market, and at private exhibitions over the city. The National Gallery of Modern Art imparts a working to the National Arts Theater, and grandstands work by Nigerian specialists. North of the inside, the life of Lagos artist Fela Kuti is praised at the Kalakuta Museum. Toward the west, the town of Badagry includes locales and galleries archiving the town’s history as a slave port, including the Badagry Heritage Museum.


Bar Beach, Lagos:



The Bar Beach was a shoreline on the Atlantic Ocean along the shorelines of Lagos, arranged on Victoria Island. For some time, it was the most prominent shoreline in Nigeria particularly when Lagos was the capital of the nation.

Bar Beach was additionally the spot where numerous sentenced furnished criminals and overthrow plotters were executed by terminating squad. It was dependably an open exhibition, with a great many onlookers, including TV cameras and print writers.

The principal ever open execution in Nigeria occurred at Bar Beach in 1971. It was of Babatunde Folorunsho, for equipped burglary.


Nigerian National Museum, Lagos:



The Nigerian National Museum is a national gallery of Nigeria, situated in the city of Lagos. It is situated at Onikan, Lagos Island. The gallery has a remarkable accumulation of Nigerian craftsmanship, including bits of statuary and carvings and archaeological and ethnographic shows. Of note is an earthenware human head known as the Jemaa Head (c. 900 to 200 BC), some portion of the Nok culture. The piece is named after Jema’a, the town where it was revealed.

The historical centre was established in 1957 by the English paleologist Kenneth Murray. It additionally has instructed numerous Nigerians, Englishmen, and sightseers on the history and culture of the nation Nigeria.


Omenka Gallery, Lagos:



Omenka Gallery is a Nigerian contemporary workmanship display, which speaks to Nigerian and universal specialists at its show space in Lagos.



Omenka Gallery was established in Lagos in 2003 by Nigerian craftsman, custodian and workmanship head Oliver Enwonwu. Enwonwu’s dad, Ben Enwonwu, (1917-1994) was one of Nigeria’s driving, twentieth century, innovator craftsmen.


There are much more galleries, centres, malls to make a mark on Lagos. We will discuss all of them recently. Till then we hope you will enjoy this places.