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My Nigeria: Ingrid Fasanya-Ulferts

My Nigeria showcases friends of Nigeria who have either been to the country or have an interest in Nigeria. It is an avenue for them to tell the world their thoughts about Nigeria and her people.

The 9th edition of my Nigeria features Ingrid Fasanya-Ulferts. Enjoy!

My Nigeria with Ingrid Fasanya-Ulferts

CTN: Please introduce yourself to our readers

Ingrid Fasanya:

Well my name is Ingrid Fasanya-Ulferts and I am a German woman of 54. My central life is in Germany having 5 grown up children here and working as a teacher at a German primary school. I came to Nigeria twice. As I met a nice Nigerian man in Germany we got married in Lagos in summer 2010.

My 4 weeks stay had been my very first time to Africa at all and I lost a part of my heart there. Then I came back to Nigeria in October 2010 to visit my husband who was still working on his German course at Goethe Institute in Lagos.

Finally he came to Germany in March 2011. Nigeria is still living with us in our talks, plans and phone calls with Nigerian family and friends.

CTN: What do you think about CometoNigeria magazine and the website?

Ingrid Fasanya:

Connecting magazine and website is a very clever and up-to-date idea. I want the magazine to be more available in Germany so that I can get it whenever I like to. Though it is available online for subscribers to be paid for in a foreign currency. I would prefer to go to my bookshop to get it there in Euros. I therefore will like it to more available in Germany.

CTN: What do you think about Nigeria and would you advise anyone to visit?

Ingrid Fasanya:

Nigeria is rich of culture and it is really a developing country as I noticed differences from my first visit to my second one. For example, bike riders had to wear helmets in October what they did not do in summer. My husband told me of a new law. I can also see that there is still a lot to do in Nigeria to make life comfortable for all.

But you cannot do it with another mentality as a Nigerian mentality, so for us Europeans of today change in Nigeria seems to be slow. Well I did not visit a lot of special places, so I cannot talk about that.

But I would advice somebody who is interested in coming to Nigeria that one should stay in a hotel and the first stay should not be longer than 2 weeks. As I stayed in the house of my father-inlaw (baba oko mi), I did not have any service. The climate was also very strange for me.

CTN: Is Nigeria ready for tourism?

Ingrid Fasanya:

Nigeria could actually be ready for tourism. Though some hotels are too expensive and some are affordable. Only some Europeans can afford the expensive ones. But as in Nigeria most of the Europeans are not that rich and have to manage their money earned by hard work very well.

In our culture we also like to spend holidays with the whole family this means bringing children. So there would be flight costs, hotel, food and outings.

But if journeys would be well prepared by people who know about what Europeans like as there is safety, having company, explanation, going around, nice food, seeing new things etc. this means all inclusive.

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