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Yankari Game Reserve

The Yankari National Park is the chief diversion hold and one of the most famous game reserves in Nigeria. It’s located near Gagi River, just south-east of Bauchi Town. The magnificence and size of The Yankari Game Reserve make it the most pop­ular hold in Nigeria. It was established in the year 1956 and opened to people in general in 1962; the primary amusement seeing regions of the reserve are open lasting through the year. People from all around the globe visit the game-reserve with dominant travellers mostly from Japan, Western Europe, America and South-east Asia.

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The reserve covers 2,058 sq. km. of savannah wood­land and is all around loaded with elephants, primates, waterbucks, bushbucks, oribi, crocodile, hippopotamus, roan gazelle, wild ox and different sorts of monkeys. Lions are at times spotted too, regardless of their common cam­ouflage. The best time to visit is inside November and May when travellers are probably going to see more amusement since the thick vegetation has dried out and the creatures assemble around the waterways.

The Wikki Warm Springs is one of the best elements of the park. Surge lit during the evening, it is great following a hot day’s amusement review to unwind in the warm water. The spring spouts out from under a bluff, where the water is no less than 6 ft. profound, with a showering range that reaches out for 600 ft. to an open territory. The recreation centre is possessed by an assortment of feathered creatures, including the gigantic saddle bill stork, goliath heron, bateleur falcon, vultures, kingfishers, honey bee eaters and the sky is the limit from there. It is amazing for genuine fledgling watchers.


Reservations: It is fitting to reserve spot amid the occasions and ends of the week with Easter an especially bustling season. Reservations can be made at Durbar Hotel in Kaduna, Bauchi State House in Lagos and at the Zaranda Hotel in Bauchi. On the other hand call Yankari Game Reserve at (069) 43-656.

Course: You can go by street from Lagos to Abuja, where you make an overnight stop, then on to Jos and Bauchi, as it is a 2-day travel via auto over very much looked after streets.

Inns: Basic facilities are accessible in chalets or rondavels. Likewise accessible are suites, twofold rooms and family chalets that incorporate little kitchens. There are numerous other National Parks other than Yankari, as represented on the guide. Eminent ones incorporate Mambilla, Gumti National Park, Cross River National Park, and Kainji Lake National Park.

Preservation Challenges: The management of the hold has been ignored and under-supported since 2006 since Bauchi State Government assumed control duty regarding the administration of Yankari Game Reserve. Accordingly, levels of poaching have expanded, with encouraged poachers working even close to the vacationer camp arranged in the focal point of the hold. Unsubstantiated reports propose that vast quantities of elephants have been executed as of late to supply Nigeria’s unlawful exchange ivory. Likewise, struggle amongst elephants and nearby groups living close to the limits of the hold therefore of yield harm has diminished levels of group support for the amusement save and urges neighbourhood groups to bolster elephant poachers from outside the area. Poaching of other vast warm-blooded animals to supply the lucrative bush meat exchange additionally debilitates to undermine the ecotourism capability of Yankari by further decreasing open doors for diversion seeing by vacationers.

Different offices include: Tennis courts, squash courts, a little historical centre in the gathering range in addition to corner stores with accommodation stores at Wikki Camp and B