Two Brothers Have Furnished Into Africa’s Coffee Rejuvenation

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Nigeria is the seventh biggest coffee delivering nation on the planet, and two siblings there have chosen to benefit from this.

In the wake of working abroad and dousing up bistro culture, Ngozi and Chijioke Dozie opened Café Neo in 2012 in Lagos, and now have 10 areas in Nigeria with arrangements to quickly grow throughout the following couple of years crosswise over Africa.


The couple has taken advantage of a $98 billion worldwide industry, that has numerous fans in Nigeria yet minimal decision of bistros, say the siblings. It took them four years to raise $400,000 and get their business off the ground.


Space for business visionaries to thrive

1What’s extraordinary about Café Neo? The siblings needed their shop to be about more than simply drinking espresso; they needed to make a space for business people and creative to thrive.

They do this by offering free Wi-Fi, jazz music that plays out of sight and spaces for synergistic work.

“Café Neo is motivating a great deal of business and business visionaries in Nigeria, and ideally, in different parts of Africa.” says Ngozi.

“We have hackathons, we have rivalries. As we develop, there are more open doors for individuals to come, work, team up, and the more open doors for others to really connect to Neo.”

The siblings are helping business people crosswise over Africa who might not have a dependable power supply at home.

“For most new companies, there isn’t generally any space for you,” says Ngozi. “If you attempt and work from home, there’s most likely is no power, in the event that you attempt to go to the lodging, it’s not favourable.”


Next stop, London?

The siblings concede Nigeria is a developing business sector that presents awesome open doors for youthful business people.

“I can’t think of a superior place for a business person at this moment than in Nigeria,” clarifies Ngozi.

“There’s certainly a coffee renaissance occurring in Africa, and we imagine that we are at the front line.”

2The combine takes advantage of the online networking and blogging to pull in worldwide consideration; their #PersonalitiesAtNeo arrangement highlights distinctive characters you find in bistros over the world, and their blog attracts potential clients with posts, for example, Beginners direct on when to drink espresso.

At the point when the time is correct, the siblings have worldwide plans on their list of things to get.

“One of our objectives, is to have in London, in Soho, a Café Neo store, and you have Nigerian simmered coffee, you have Tanzanian cooked coffee, you have Rwandan grill coffee,” says Chijioke.

“Neo” signifies “blessing” in Tswana, furthermore “new” in Latin,” clarifies Ngozi.

The siblings concede they’ve beat surely understood affixes, for example, Starbucks to the Nigerian market, and they’re confident that through their chain they’ll have “the best African espressos by Africans, inebriated in Africa”, and conceivably past Africa.

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