Diamond Bank continues its Draw

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Diamond Bank Plc continued with the eighth season of its annual Diamond Xtra savings Draw. The draw is arranged annually for its customers and this time it was held at the Diamond Bank, Nyanya Branch, in the Northern region in Abuja.

The Head of the Mass Markets of Diamond Bank, Mr. Osita Ede clearly speaks about the aim of this promo which is to encourage each and every individual with the savings culture and to wear a healthy smile on its customer’s face.

Diamond Bank divided the draw so that it covers the entire major region in Nigeria. The basic motto behind this commitment was to guarantee that every customer from around the country gets the chance to participate and had a fair chance to win in the draw.

Mr. Ede does not forget to reveal that the bank has made more that 4,500 millionaires in the whole nation and distributed billions of Naira to accolade its customers.

Diamond Bank

In order to qualify for this draw, a customer has to maintain a certain minimum monthly account balance of N5,000 and any subsequent deposit will be added as the multiple entries, which will simultaneously add to the chance of the customer winning the contest.

To provide assurance of authenticity and transparency of this contest, officials from National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) and KPMG were also the major regulators to oversee this draw.

One of the senior representative from the KPMG group confirmed people that the promo is very transparent, from its initial stage to the final stage when the winner is chosen. To add more to this, previous winners of the contest were invited to the present contest in order to help out any people with their difficulties and experiences they had in the past contest.

Rabiat Jubril Guzzau, a Diamond Bank customer from Nassarawa State revealed that she had opened her account in this bank in the month of May and was taken by surprise when she was announced the winner of the N1 million draw in October.

At least forty names of the customer were announced as the winners of the Diamond Savings Xtra draw and were awarded Hyundai SUV. It was also noted that some of the winning customers were not present and the officials of NLRC ensured that those winners be duly rewarded with their prize.

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