Social Media Paving Way for Nigerian Army

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As indicated by a report by Leaders NG, the Nigerian Army has said that they have started checking the exercises of Nigerian subjects via web-based networking media. The Army, as uncovered by the report, means to recognize online networking clients who are merchants of phony news, frost discourse, hostile to government and against security data.

The disclosure was made by Director of Defense Information, Major-General John Enenche amid a meeting on Channels Television News on the 23rd of August 2017. This most recent advancement comes only 2-days after Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, conveyed a live national communicate on the 21st of August 2017, which was met with various online networking upheavals.


Major General John Enench


For Major General Enenche, the online networking space has dependably been a test everywhere throughout the world and for the military; it is the same in Nigeria.

“It is a twofold edged sword,” he said when he showed up on Channels Television’s News At 10, hours after President Buhari met with the military boss and requested them to fortify their operations.

“Envision when the President returned and tended to the country, after 30 minutes, a phony discourse by the Commander-In-Chief was being coursed keeping in mind the end goal to do what… wreck the general population. In the event that you are not sharp and on the off chance that you didn’t tune into the discourse, or you don’t have a duplicate of it like I had, you wouldn’t know. In this way, taking a gander at it from that point of view, it is a test all over the place.”


How the control will function


One of the means that will be taken so as to direct online networking in the nation is the advancement of key media focuses.

“Our key media focuses will screen online networking diverts keeping in mind the end goal to strainer out and respond to all the web-based social networking presents that point on be hostile to government, against military, and hostile to security-based. We will handle them with proper reactions. In front of that, we are likewise being proactive. We have measures set up, logical measures, to have the capacity to sifter this data and furthermore caution the general population and let them realize that this data is not valid,” the Major General proceeded.

The Major General likewise brought up the current ascent in assaults by Boko Haram fear mongers, which he asserts is additionally connected to web-based social networking. Consequently, the President has implemented these controls in the expectation of cinching down on the scandalous psychological militant gathering.

“I need to guarantee the overall population of Nigeria that measures are set up to manage counterfeit news and destructive web-based social networking posts. It doesn’t make a difference how exceedingly set anybody is, we are over the circumstance and we are starting to get our data to begin taking care of this properly,” finished up Major General Enenche.

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