Nigerian Officials Berate over “Plastic Rice”

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With ‘plastic rice’ coming out as the barrier to the development of Nigeria, there is much hue and cry over this matter. Nigeria’s food safety organisation has denied guarantees by the health minister that it has cleared the reported “plastic” rice.

A senior authority at the National Agency For Food and Drugs (NAFDAC) said the ministers Twitter post “is not their position”.

Health Minister Isaac Adewole had earlier said in his tweet that tests carried out by the organisation found “no confirmation” of plastic material.

Around 2.5 tonnes of the “plastic” rice has been seized.

Over 100 sacks of plastic rice siezed
Over 100 sacks of plastic rice seized

Rice is the staple food of Nigeria. People over here have developed a tradition to give sacks of rice as a present amid the Christmas.

Lagos Customs Chief Haruna Mamudu said that the fake rice was expected to be sold amid the Christmas season, however, has not remarked on the Health Ministers comments.

The authority at NAFDAC told one of our present reporters that the tests were all the while progressing:

“We are not finished with complete tests. We are still in the research centre. We haven’t finished up the investigation and it is not something we can close in two days.”

“We are yet to finish up the synthetic and organic investigation,” he included.

Mr Adewole had said the organisation would “discharge point by point discoveries to open when it finishes up examinations”, including that Nigerians ought to try to avoid panicking.

It is not clear where the 102 seized sacks of rice originated from. However, rice produced using plastic pellets was found in China a year ago.

Mr Mamudu had said the rice was extremely sticky after it was bubbled and “just God recognises what might have happened” if individuals ate it.

Is the rice still at a bargain in the business sectors?

There is no such authentic report of rice being sold in the market currently. Customs authorities were exploring yet starting now have discovered nothing.

Nigeria’s customs authorities say they grabbed an aggregate of 102 sacks, each containing 25kg (55lb), marked “Best Tomato Rice”.


Plastic Rice vs Original Rice


It is, in any case, vague what number of packs had been sold, assuming any, and if there are different types of stash in the market.

Customs Officials cooked the rice and said that the surface was exceptionally sticky and it smelled differently, they declined to eat it.

At the point when asked a similar question on Twitter, Health Minister Isaac Adewole clowned that no, he wouldn’t eat it without salt.

An unconfirmed video of the rice being cooked has been shared via web-based networking media.

In it, the cook says the rice bursts into flames and sticks on the container.

How stressed are Nigerians?

Exceptionally stressed. There have been a few media reports cautioning the general population about fake foodstuffs particularly from China and their potential perils.

Customs Official said that they were anticipating tests by NAFDAC, the sustenance standard organisation before they could affirm what the rice was made of.

They recommended they would acknowledge the after-effects of those tests.

In any case, a customs official told that the surface of the rice resembled nothing he had seen some time recently.

It is conceivable this is an alternate kind of rice that they weren’t acquainted with.

It is additionally conceivable that the Ministry of Health is endeavouring to keep away from open agitation in the keep running up to Christmas.

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