President Buhari’s Achievement in the Past Two Years

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As the man in the seat, Muhammadu Buhari is not the sort of president Nigerians have been acquainted with over the most recent 16 years. Not known for frivolities and very mindful of the hugeness of the undertaking of settling Nigeria, his non-verbal communication does not propose revealing the drums in festivity of his one in office today.

He assumed the office in 29 May, 2015 and it’s been almost two years which saw various ups and downs.

Here we are going to focus on his remarkable achievements that he made in his term of office.

Nationwide Security:


3The President ran his political crusades on the rebuilding of nationwide security. At the time he assumed control, Boko Haram, the dangerous psychological oppressor cell that had killed a huge number of Nigerians and decimated boundless assets, was possessing 14 neighbourhood government territories in the North-East. Today, the 14 nearby government regions have not exclusively been recovered by the military; there is additionally free development in the regions. Maybe, one bit of sprightly news that energised the legislature was the safeguard of one of the 219 Chibok schools young ladies, Amina Ali, kidnapped by Boko Haram two years prior.

Enforcing the Treasury Single Account (TSA):


6The President has been attempting to right the many wrongs things he acquired, particularly as far as securing government incomes, which released or were out appropriately redirected to private records.

President Buhari didn’t create the TSA. What he did is to apply political will as a powerful influence for its execution.

By this, administration has a preview at any given time of approaching income and use taking after the centralization of government records domiciled at the Central Bank.

At the last tally, the President said he had spared the nation cash in overabundance of three trillion naira which would somehow or another have been squandered or shared out to authorities toward the finish of the money related year.

Fight for Corruption:



Nigeria is nation of conundrums, one in which the VIP takes an elephant and flees with it yet the poor man taking a goat goes to imprison for up to 30 years.

Appropriate from the minute he won the Presidential Election in 2015, the impression of the President as a ”simple and morally sound pioneer” sent a flag to raiders of open assets, with a considerable lot of them returning assets that had been stolen under the past organization.

President Buhari enrolled the support of multilateral organizations like the World Bank and IMF, security offices, Western nations and other cordial countries to find and repatriate stolen resources.

Things are changing with exemption in the nation. Surprisingly, VIP suspects are being made inquiries by the researching offices and are being charged to court.

In March 2016, the Presidential Committee set up to test contracts granted by the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) from 2011 to 2015 reported the recuperation of over N7 billion from arraigned organizations and people.

The nation today relaxes in the quality of a noteworthy fight against debasement and the exemption that runs with that and world is supporting the President.

In one year of his organization, a supernatural occurrence has happened, which is that there has been the aggregate nonattendance of multi-billion naira debasement outrages that had described the past organizations.

National Image:


5This is one region Buhari has a pass mark by his assessors. Many considered Nigeria to be an outcast state before now. Be that as it may, the president, upon his supposition of office, attempted some remote outings inside and outside Africa to re-set up Nigeria’s position in the worldwide field and request bolster for Nigeria and Africa. The visits saw him go to France, South Africa, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Germany where he went to the G7 summit. Likewise, in acknowledgment of the need to secure Nigeria and, for sure, the West African sub district where Boko Haram had been completing assaults, Buhari left on strategic excursions to Niger, Chad, Cameroun and Benin Republic.

President Buhari has consistently pushed the motivation for improving Nigeria’s worldwide picture by continually exhibiting Nigeria’s certifications in the 2015 general races, which saw the nation scoring high on quiet move.

President Buhari emphatically bolstered the rise of a Nigerian, Dr Akinwumi Adesina, as President of the Africa Development Bank.

Judicial Aspects:

Since presumption of office, President Buhari has kept up an unmistakable position on the administration of law and regard for division of powers.

The President has also concentrated on the reinforcing of organizations with key arrangement of experts.

He also appointed and arranged over 40 new Federal High Court Justices.



2The 2016 spending plan has given a guide and fitting fiscal formats for the economy under Buhari. As the economy is down, endeavours are being made to expand it by putting tremendously in agribusiness.

To invigorate the economy and decrease neediness, in April, 2016, President Buhari endorsed postponement in the instalment of the bailout as states were all the while reeling under the weight of the fall in product costs.

Different approaches embraced by the administration incorporate the reintroduction of the Treasury Single Account, TSA, where every open reserve are directed into one financial balance, the presentation of Bank Verification Number, BVN, to distinguish apparition labourers among others.

There is additionally the acquaintance of social welfare bundles with help low wage workers.

The legislature is taking a shot at the Infrastructural Development and Transportation where over $6 billion worth of speculations which were the aftermaths of the president’s current state visit to China would be figured it out.

Training segment, wear, condition are likewise getting consideration.

The legislature started approach changes for gas adaptation, flare out and foundation advancement, to quick track control supply and financial expansion.

Records of more than 34,000 apparition specialists depleting the country’s assets were cancelled from the Federal Civil Service, sparing N2.29 billion month to month.

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