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Enugu travel guide

The name Enugu comes from the two Igbo words enu Ugwu, or top of the hill. The people of Enugu belong largely to the Igbo ethnic group, which is one of the three largest ethnic groups in Nigeria. The city was previously the capital of the Eastern Region from Nigeria’s independence in 1960.

One of the main indigenous people of the city are Enugwu Ngwo people, who live on the hilltop with their farm lands sprawling all over the valley. The discovery of coal deposite in Enugu City gave rise to settlements around the foot of the hills and as the population grew, the city expanded into the areas of other indigenous inhabitants. The city was called Enugwu Ngwo before it was changed to just Enugu.

The town of Enugu, where coal is found in commercial quantity, is euphemistically referred to as the “coal city.” The immediate fortunes of the state appear to be tied, among other things, with the rehabilitation of the coal industry, and citizens of the state take delight in being associated with the pseudonym of “the coal city state.

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