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Freedom Park, Lagos Island, Lagos

The new Freedom Park on Lagos Island is located on the site of the colonial prison where prominent Nigerians had their jail terms during the colonial era.

Located in Victola Island, the park, which is now a peaceful place for individual and collective contemplation and interaction is open to public daily.

Freedom Park is a brainchild of a Lagos-born architect and visionary, Theo Lawson, who had a vision to transform the colonial prison to a symbol of freedom.

This prison was used by the British colonial masters to torture, imprison and hang in the gallows those that opposed colonial rule of Nigeria including Herbert Macaulay, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Chief Michael Imodu, Sir Adeyemo Alakija and others.

Freedom Park is a memorial leisure park dedicated to the preserving the Lagos colonial heritage and history of the Old Board Street prison. Today, the park provides venues for events and recreational entertainment.


Entertainers and performers at Freedom ParkThe park provides venues and the grounds for events and recreational entertainment, with relevant facilities like :
  • Open Air Stage
  • Amphi-theatre
  • Pergola Cell (internet booths)
  • Skeletal Cells
  • Food Court
  • Ponds and Fountains
  • Historical Statues
  • Museum Complex
  • Historical displays
  • Souvenir shops
  • Resource centre
  • Court yard
  • Cells Units
  • Wole Soyinka Art Gallery

Freedom Park

Old Prison Ground,
Broad Street,
Lagos Island, Lagos.

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