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Nigerian National Museum

Established in 1957, in the city of Lagos, Nigerian National Museum is a national museum centre of Nigeria. The museum was founded by the English archaeologist Kenneth Murray. The museum has an eminent accumulation of Nigerian workmanship, including bits of statuary and carvings and archaeological and ethnographic displays.


The Nigeria National Museum
The Nigeri National Museum


Of note is an earthenware human head known as the Jemaa Head (c. 900 to 200 BC), some portion of the Nok culture. The piece is named after Jema’a, the town where it was revealed. It is situated at Onikan, Lagos Island.



The museum trained many Nigerians, Englishmen, and tourists on the history, memoir and culture of the country Nigeria.



A tour guide to the museum can be hired. The guides can explain the museum very well so that any visitor who comes takes a lot of knowledge.

For the local public, the cost of visiting can be around 200 nairas. For international visitors, the cost is around 300 nairas.

The visiting hours are 9.30 am – 3.30 pm, except Sunday.

Phone: +234 803 311 2623

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