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Beach Resorts in Nigeria

Come and explore beach resorts in Nigeria, lively and soft sandy beaches, tropicana jungle and thick forest with hundreds of kilometres of ocean beaches.

Coconut Beach

Coconut Beach, Badagry.

Located in town of Badagry which has the reputation of being a center of slave trade in the 1800s, the beach is pleasant and fascinating, and it provides excellent holiday resort.

Visitors who are unaccustomed to the tropical sun are advised to wear hats as it can be warm at mid-day. The beach has lots of coconut trees all over the place! Read more…

Akodo Beach

Akodo Beach, Lagos

This is the ultra modern Eko tourist beach resort, designed to open up the tourism and facilitate private sector participation in tourism development.

The beach is one of the most visited beaches in Lagos city, equipped with modern facilities, chalets, amusement parks and rides, and a serene swimming beach are features of this resort. Read more…

Bar Beach

Lagos Bar Beach, Lagos, Nigeria

Situated on Victoria Island, Bar Beach is one of the earliest, most popular and most frequented beaches in Lagos city. Well-equipped with modern facilities to make your visit a remarkable one.

Visitors will experience and enjoy the tropical Atlantic breeze from the Bar Beach, which is the part of the Larger Gulf of Guinea. Read more…

La Campagne Tropicana

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

Enjoy your weekend at the popular La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort located at the edge of Atlantic Ocean. The beach is a 65 acre tranquil paradise located just about an hour drive from Victoria Island.

It offers a unique blend of natural environments including a fresh water lake, accessible mangrove forest, a savannah, extensive sandy beach and the warm Atlantic sea. Read more…

Takwa Bay

Takwa Bay is where families and friends spend their weekends and pleasurably picnic and sail around the lagoon!

The beach is reachable only by boat across the Lagos harbour and are quite safe for water skiers. Long walks, swimming and surfing are popular events at this peaceful beach at Apapa.

Chairs and tents can be rented so visitors could relish the bracing breeze and monitor the arrival and mooring of ships at the Lagos Harbor and Apapa Port. Read more…

Kuramo Waters

Kuramo Waters has over the years become a hot spot

Same as the Lagos Bar beaches and it derives its name from the Kuramo Lake that borders it. This beach has over the years become a hotspot, home to various relaxation outlets, seaside bars, soup kitchens barbecue joints etc.

There is also a variety of musical shows and jamborees staged at one time or the other. Kuramo is a fertile place to unwind and relax. Read more…

Halemson Beach Resort

Have a taste of Nigeria's hospitality awaiting you at Halemson Beach Resort!

Halemson beach resort is situated on an exclusive beach over-viewing the Atlantic ocean on the Nigerian coastline in Lagos. The beach is about 30 minutes boat cruise from Victoria Island and a 10 minute boat cruise from Satellite Town waterside.

Halemson beach resort is founded on the desire to provide an atmosphere for the individual, group, family and corporate body that longs for natural quiet and a peaceful place, which the fast paced city life cannot provide. Read more…

Eko Tourist Resort

Eleko Beach is a popular beach resort in Lagos

Kaiyetoro-Eleko beach stands out as one of the serene, clean, and most beautiful beaches in Lagos city.

It is specially recommended for fatigued and depressed souls in search of refreshing and rejuvenating relaxation.

Fun-seekers, beach combers and holidaymakers will also find the atmosphere soothing and will thus be in a relaxed mood. Read more…

Whispering Palms

The Whispering Palms, Lagos

This is a conference resort centre occupying an 8-acre of land in Iworo, Badagry. It lies on the lagoon and typifies the beauty of the area-cool, Atlantic breeze, silica sands, palm trees and chirping birds.

The road within the resort looks fascinating as it lined with palms kernel residue and the entire environment is quiet with stunning ambience.

On offer also is a choice of cuisine from Nigeria to Continental- with exotic dishes like coconut shrimps, Spanish paella, Cantonese chicken, Ogbono spiced with Ugu and bitter leaf etc. Read more…

Peninsular Resort

Peninsular Resort offers day or overnight facilities for visitors

Located at km27 on Lekki-Epe Expressway, the resort is operated by the Peninsula Restaurant on Ozumba Mbadwe in V.I.

The resort offers day or overnight facilities for companies, professional organizations or individuals who’d like private restaurant and conference facilities.

A good spots for workshops, retreats or meetings, and continental or Chinese dinner could be arranged for private parties. The resort also has swimming pool and exercise room for visitors. Booking office: 01  2617168. Read more…


Funtopia, Lagos

Funtopia is a complete entertainment park for the entire family. It is set on 2 acres of land and packed with activities for all ages.

There are arcade and computer games in ‘Cusco city’, billiards and table tennis in ‘The Shed’ and a wide variety of other activities. Read more…

Kamp Ikare

Kamp Ikare offers modern beach resort facilities for visitors

Kamp Ikare is the ultimate beach experience! This beach resort is a perfect getaway for couples, friends and even corporate executives.

It’s a private spot, accessible only by boat, and it’s definitely a fun place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Read more…

Hermitage Garden Resort

Hermitage Garden Resort, Lagos

Hermitage Garden Resort is a top tourist and vacation destination with an expansive and soothing environment and luminous beach front.

The resort boasts of an exclusively vast sandy beach front, upscale swimming pool, interesting nature trail, luxurious mini-villas etc. Read more…


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