Lagos Bar Beach

Fun-seekers at Lagos bar beach

This is the main beach on Victoria Island, alongside Ahmadu Bello Way and one of the more popular beaches in Lagos State. Bar Beach is the main (inner city) beach and runs from the Institute of Oceanography in the west to the Eko Hotel in the east.

Bar Beach is named after the sand bars that characterised the coastline of Lagos, not because of the myriad of bars that run along the beach itself (a popular misconception!).

Lagos Bar Beach, the most accessible and most visited beach in Lagos especially during festive periods, has somewhat lost most of its attractions due to the massive concrete works being done along the coastline.

However, those who do not mind its artificiality will still find the environment soothing. Horse riding, swimming, beach football and picnic activities still go on at the beach and those who are prepared to go further down to Kuramo side will find it relatively calmer and private.

Leisure providers at the beach still set up beach seat which they rent out to visitor, though they are no longer as preponderant as they used to be.

Features and facilities

Boat Riding
Normally organise for single couples or groups and charged accordingly.

This also attracts a sum of two hundred Naira only (N200).

It is two hundred Naira only (N200) for Adults paddleing oneself and five hundred Naira if you are to be paddled. For children, it is two hundred Naira (N200) flat.

Volleyball Rentage
This activitiy attracts a sum of two hundred Naira only (N200). Deposit of one thousand Naira (N1000) is expected while renting a football and volleyball and a refund is made when returned.

  • Kick Boxing : Two thousand Naira only (N2000) per session for an Adult and one thousand Naira (N1000) for kids.
  • Boxing: Same as Kick boxing.
  • Wrestling:Same as kick boxing.
  • Water Volleyball:Same as kick boxing.

This activity attracts five hundred Naira only (N500) per session.10 arrows

Table TennisThis activity attracts a sum of two hundred Naira only (N200)

This attracts a sum of two hundred Naira only (N200) for a game.

Quad Biking
This sport attracts a sum of two thousand Naira only (N2000) for 10 minutes


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