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Asa River Dam, Kwara State

Situated just outside Ilorin, Kwara State capital city, Asa River Dam was constructed by Julius Berger Nigeria PLC in order to increase the supply of potable water by approximately 50,000 cubic metres per day, to the towns within the state.

Asa River Dam consists of three sections: (1). a 400m long earth fill dam, (2). a 150m long concrete gravity dam and (3) a lateral earth dam with a length of 160m.

The earth fill dam at 26m high above the bottom of the Asa River and has a width of 150m at the dam foot and of 5m at the crest.

The concrete gravity dam is 20m high and has a width of 12m at the foot and of 3m at the crest. The lateral earth dam is 6m high and 23m wide at the foot.

Considering the size of the Asa river’s catchment area, the 60 meter wide spillway was designed for a volume of 1,300 cubic metres per second. A 65m long weir bridge was built over the spillway.

During the design phase, Julius Berger Nigeria PLC proposed to raise the height of the spillway by one metre. This resulted in an increased dam capacity of up to 44 million cubic metres.

In order to obtain a better smooth and dense surface, prefabricated concrete units were used for the construction of the downward side of the spillway. These units served as form work for the concrete of the weir.

For economical reasons and to reduce hydration heat to a minimum, waterproof concrete only 1.0 metre thick was used for the construction of the gravity dam on both the upstream and downstream side.

Unreinforced concrete was used for the core. A drinking water treatment plant with a capacity of 2,300 m³ per hour was built with precast concrete units.

The project also included two 40m diameter elevated water tank with a storage capacity of 10,000 m³ each and one 29m diameter elevated pre-stressed concrete tank. A total of 300,000m³ of dam material, 36,000m³ of concrete and 620 tons of steel were used for this project.

Dam Usage

The purpose for the dam include improvement of water supply to Ilorin and other towns and settlements along the river system as well as irrigation, fisheries and livestock development and recreation.

Hydro power potential

The dam was designed with the potential for hydro power generation in mind, and may have a capacity of 3MW on average – more in the rainy season and less in dry season.

However, power would cost considerably more to deliver than current retail prices, and it is not clear how a project to install the generating equipment would be financed.

Asa Dam Conference Centre and Resort

In a bid to further develop Kwara State’s tourism industry, the state government is inviting local and foreign investors to invest in a mixed-use development at Asa Dam.

Nestled on the banks of a bountiful reservoir, the Asa Dam Conference Centre and Resort Development will attract international dignitaries and travellers to Kwara State.

Whether visitors come to conduct business at the Conference Centre or relax with a round of world class golf, they will be immersed in the natural environment while enjoying the comforts of modern facilities.

This design solution strives to provide a dynamic experience without compromising the environmental, financial, or social sustainability of the site.

Planned facilities

  • Conference centre
  • First class accommodations and hotels
  • Recreation centres/fields/parks
  • Central park with pavilions
  • Pedestrian and Golf Cart Bridge,
  • Amphitheatre
  • Signature golf course with residential units
  • Shopping mall
  • Holiday resort
  • Boardwalk with retail
  • Amusement park and children’s fountains

Benefits of Investing in Kwara State

  • Labour:
    Kwara State is home to the well-respected University of Ilorin and construction of the new Kwara State University will soon be completed. Kwara State therefore has a large number of graduates who can be employed by companies investing in the state.
  • Market:
    Kwara State is close to Nigeria’s capital Abuja and its commercial hub Lagos. The Ilorin International Airport has recently been renovated and a trip from Lagos or Abuja is a mere 50 minute journey via air.
  • Power supply:
    Due to the recent completion of the Ganmo sub-station, Ilorin currently enjoys very close to 24 hours a day of uninterrupted power supply. Many business owners are delighted by the fact that they have to make very little use of power generators.

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