Bosch Group launches BPB to bolster Artisans

Bosch Group, the German-based multinational giant is all set to deliver and produce the Bosch Power Box (BPB) idea to the artisans of Africa and thus acting as a driving force for them.

This is a progressive activity intended to make, progress and develop independent ventures and bring them into the formal, standard economy. It is a long haul extend intended to cultivate enterprise and guarantee a smooth move for independent ventures from the casual to formal parts.

Each BPB has directors, specialised staff and coaches, every one of whom has gotten devoted preparing from Bosch.

Generally, Nigerian artisans will now have the capacity to purchase, hire or lease the extremely most recent power instruments created by the world’s market pioneer and to be utilised at Bosch Power Boxes. This will contribute a huge change in the nature of the items fabricated while expanding efficiencies. This will likewise help Nigerian artisans in developing their organisations.

Bosch Power Box
Bosch Power Box

Bosch Group has aspirations and arrangements of building up ten Bosch Power Boxes with Nigeria being next in their thought.

One can never imagine how it is going to do good to the Nigerians until he has visited there. Ever since it was launched in Kumasi, various artisans have already purchased the BPB products and many are in the queue to get them registered for the training.

The idea is in accordance with the organisation’s ethos of not simply giving products and ventures all around, but rather effectively adding to the financial upliftment of creating countries. Bosch is inspired by a need to assume a significant part in Africa, specifically by making more manageable occupations taking after the organisation trademark “Invented for life”.

Dr. Markus Thill
Dr. Markus Thill

The President of Bosch Africa, Dr. Markus Thill clarified in an announcement that “every Bosch Power Box will likewise give courses on item application and wellbeing. Monetary flourishing is about making openings from the beginning to profit people, groups, nations and the worldwide group, and this is the thing that we at Bosch plan to do.”

Benjamin Ofori, Regional Sales Director of Bosch Power Box also said “We will give item application benefits on how they can utilise the devices accurately, keep up and benefit them and guarantee a drawn out life expectancy. Another energising element is that, through our association with Equity Bank, these business people will get monetary preparing and spending administration help.”


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